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The ERP Organizational Change Journal

Episode 42 

ERP: What is Fulcrum

by | Sep 22, 2021

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

About this Episode

In this episode we discuss “ERP: What is Fulcrum“ with Sunny Han.  Fulcrum is a Manufacturing SaaS ERP solution.  This episode will further examine Fulcrum ERP and its competitive differentiators.

Mr. Sunny Han is founder of Fulcrum ERP. Fulcrum is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP, MRP, and MES platform allowing small and mid-sized manufacturers to improve efficiency through workflow optimization and automated data collection, and advanced heuristics. What matters and what really makes for an organization’s success is being mindful of how critical the triad (people, process, and technology) is and hence the true differentiators that ERP solutions and vendors bring to the table. So let’s learn more with our guest as we discuss what value ERP solutions, partners, their team, and their processes contribute to ERP success.  We will ask Mr. Hann about the value of systems selection, sustainable performance, and the biggest challenges in implementing ERP.

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Sunny Han

Sunny Han

Sunny Han – Founder / CEO at Fulcrum

More About Sunny


Sunny Han is the CEO and Founder of Fulcrum, a manufacturing ERP platform.


Connect with Sunny

Phone number – (612)-384-7691

email –, 

Fulcrum Logo

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Episode Highlights & More about this Episode


General Questions

07:39 How would you define ERP for our listeners?

09:33 What’s the benefit of a niche ERP platform and partner? Aren’t there many “Tier 1” players that can provide all the same functionality?

14:11 How would you describe your general understanding of ERP implementation success rates in the field?

15:32  Suppose you are leading a kickoff meeting for an organization that is just starting an ERP implementation. How would you define and describe for them “success” in terms of an ERP organizational change?


The Product

17:47 In general, what is Fulcrum Manufacturing ERP? Please elaborate more on Fulcrum ERP. What is it and who are your customers?

23:15 You believe that one of your differentiators is Vue.js. Sunny on your website you state that “Intuition is experience. Building amazing things requires more than seeking approval. Leadership is about being the first one to talk about the most awkward and difficult and tense things. Everyone wants to be known. Vue.js is the future.” Please share more with our listeners.

26:10 You also state on your website that you are “Different from the ground up. New technology to support a new resurgence of manufacturing growth. Moving faster requires more data, better automation supported by a new modern platform”. From a technology perspective, how are you different from ERP vendors such as Oracle, SAP, Infor, etc.


The People

29:46 Technology aside for a moment, what is your approach to helping customers implement and realize improvements in their business.?

31:39 As an ERP software company, you sell and implement software, but what would say is the largest influence to ERP organizational change success?

The Technology

34:87 Anything to say in terms of emerging technology and its relevance to ERP in general and its relevance to your product as well?


The Process (business process and implementation process)

36:50 What is more likely 1) nearly perfect success with no major challenges or 2) Some challenges but the organization endures (due to strong culture) and therefore success?

37:43 As you know the implementation process and methodology is crucial, what can you share with our listeners as to how you feel your implementation process is a differentiator from other ERP players?

40:35 What are your thoughts on ERP software customization? Customization can be good in order to better fit the operational processes. But isn’t it too much of a danger?

44:27 Would you agree that ERP system selection is one of the most crucial decisions to be made during an ERP organizational change endeavor? Why? What are some of the key factors to look at in deciding upon an ERP solution?

46:09 If you had to distill down your experience, expertise, success, and challenges into 4-5 sentences, what advice would you offer up to our listeners (ERP and organizational. change practitioners, PE professionals, and ERP and organizational change researchers)?

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