About Our Firm

Nestell & Associates is an ERP consulting firm that understands the true ROI and EBITDA value. Our team of pioneers, experts, and proven practitioners is highly focused on private equity and enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting. We help you excel at organizational change preparedness so you can achieve digital transformation success.

Nestell & Associates Understands the Ins and Outs of Private Equity M&A

Private Equity Focused

We are one of the only organizational change and ERP strategy and management firms focused exclusively on private equity. Our niche is organizational change, organizational readiness, and digital transformation success, and our team consists of true experts, pioneers, and proven practitioners in the field of organizational change and ERP implementation.

Vendor Neutral

We are vendor-neutral, and we provide true value-added and proven expertise, hence reducing M&A digital transformation risk. At Nestell & Associates, we focus on what really matters with a disciplined, lean approach and a high quality of execution. Our team brings proven experience working with private equity firms, providing broad and comprehensive support from the initial transition services agreement to a successful digital transformation go-live.

Strong Business & Investor Sense

Our team brings a strong business and investor sense to our M&A and digital transformation projects. All of our projects are grounded on a proven objective approach. Moreover, all of our full-scale projects begin with coaching, education, and leadership discussions and training.

We Understand the true ROI and EBITDA value.

Nestell & Associates is an innovative firm and we understand that there are multiple key stakeholders in private equity that are all highly vested in organizational change and digital transformation success. We deliver a business-savvy, intelligent, tenured, and highly technical-proficient business partner that understands the true ROI and EBITDA value. Nestell & Associates was founded to bring resources and proven methods to private equity and their portfolio companies.

ERP Organizational Change

Nestell & Associates provides all the right tools required to support our clients with a focus on proper organizational change coaching, transformational leadership coaching, vendor and solution selection, planning, and implementation needed for success.

The Right Resources Just when you Need it!

We can offer value in M&A digital transformation from the onset, or we can help achieve stability, growth, and value-add for a recent digital transformation.

Due diligence and “red flag” reviews of transition services agreements

Organizational change, culture, and leadership preparation for digital transformation

Business digital transformation requirements collection and analysis

Vendor request for proposal

Vendor review and selection

Implementation plan and budget

Including concise project scope, risk analysis, communication plan, training plan, testing and piloting, technology strategy, and change management

Go-live support

Post go-live support

Proper resource selection and staffing

Standard operation procedure required to support post go-live

Portfolio-wide IT and ERP audit management and performance improvement opportunities


Change before you have to.

– Jack Welch

About Nestell & Associates

Where People, Processes, and Technology Align

Nestell & Associates is a strategy and management firm. We can help you take your portfolio companies to the next level by demonstrating how to execute a scalable, methodical, and disciplined approach to ERP Organizational Change and Digital Transformation success.