By Jack Nestell & Dr. David Olson

Successful ERP Systems Book

A Guide for Business and Executives

This book brings together knowledge gained from a unique combination of years of academic research related to ERP systems with years of experience from a practitioner’s perspective. Each year, organizations spend billions of dollars to implement, manage, and maintain ERP systems. A simple browse through the internet demonstrates how challenging ERP implementations can be. Success rates are often quite low with time, cost, and effort typically running above what was planned and often significantly so. Read the Forward by Ron J. West.


Dr. Jack G. Nestell


  • CIO, Board Member and Advisor, Executive Director of IT, Vice President of IT, IT Security Officer, IT business advisor and consultant, and ERP speaker.
  • 26 years IT integration experience including manufacturing, health care, private equity, aircraft, food and beverage, and logistics industries.
  • Expert in ERP implementations, management, and IT merger and acquisition due diligence.
  • Recruited by multiple private equity firms as CIO to drive ERP implementation/optimization in portfolio companies and their mergers and acquisitions. Expert in acquisition IT due diligence, system rationalization, and systems integration—always operating within tight budgets, under tight deadlines, and in high-growth situations.
  • Skilled in developing strategic, scalable, and lean information technology teams, procedures, and technology that position companies for future growth and success. Served as project lead with Fortune 500 partners in many projects. Advised for ERP consulting companies.
  • Dr. Nestell has received a Doctorate degree at the University of Southern California where he studied models for successful ERP implementations.



David Louis Olson

James & H.K. Stuart Professor Chancellor’s Distinguished Chair, University of Nebraska

David L. Olson has published research in over 150 refereed journal articles, primarily on the topic of multiple objective decision-making and information technology.

He teaches in the management information systems, management science, and operations management areas. He has authored over twenty books. He is associate editor of Decision Support Systems, International Journal of Production Research, and Decision Sciences and co-editor in chief of International Journal of Services Sciences.

He has made over 200 presentations at international and national conferences on research topics. He is a member of the Decision Sciences Institute, the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences, and the Multiple Criteria Decision Making Society.

He was named the Raymond E. Miles Distinguished Scholar award for 2002, and was a James C. and Rhonda Seacrest Fellow from 2005 to 2006. He was named Best Enterprise Information Systems Educator by IFIP in 2006. He is a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute.


Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.

-  Howard Stevenson, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

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