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Organizational Change Management

Take your project and plans to the next level with IT & ERP organizational change management services from Nestell & Associates. Our consultants can help you execute a scalable, methodical and disciplined approach to organizational change with our IT and ERP solutions. Contact us today to learn more!

Board Advisory & Portfolio Coaching

We provide an integrated suite of portfolio coaching and board advisory services designed to keep your board engaged, strategically focused and agile. Our board advisors offer practical and impartial advice to help you meet the continuing challenges your company faces. Contact us today to put our expertise to work for you.

Strategic Human Capital Management

The world of strategic human capital management is ever-changing. At Nestell & Associates, we give companies the tools and resources that help manage this evolution. Business leaders look to our organizational change consultants to provide human capital management solutions to address organizational challenges.

Project Plans & Review

“Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s” is how we help when it comes to ERP project planning. We have project strategists, certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), and Six Sigma Black Belts that ensure the proper tactical ERP project management.

Full-Scale Digital Transformations

Utilizing end-to-end digital transformation strategies, our team will prepare and implement digital transformation technologies using cultural assessment and readiness, due diligence, ERP selection, training and go-live support.

Digital Transformation Rescue

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) digital transformation presents unique challenges to the workforce. Our change management consulting includes ERP rescue using an assessment to guide leadership for organizational change.

Culture & Readiness Assessment

At Nestell & Associates, we can provide an organizational culture and readiness assessment to support companies through all the inherent levels of organizational change that come from combining diverse cultures, people and processes.

ERP Training & Presentations

Enterprise resource planning is a significant undertaking for any company. With a comprehensive understanding of what’s required, we offer ERP training that hits all the marks. An ERP presentation by Nestell & Associates provides the information you need to make your ERP transformation a success. Contact us now for the ERP training your organization needs.

IT Hardware Services and Support

At Nestell & Associates, we employ the latest ERP technology coupled with years of experience providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for clients from all walks of life. We’re perfectly positioned to help you with an ERP server and all the ERP system IT support you need.

Cyber Security Services

Protect your organization from data leaks, ransomware attacks, phishing scams and other cyber-attacks with expert cyber security services.

Cybersecurity consulting services include assessment of an organization’s systems, network and software, enabling the design and implementation of security systems to be unique to your company’s needs. IT security services also help with response and recovery after an incident.

About Nestell & Associates

Nestell & Associates is a strategy and management firm. We can help you take your portfolio companies to the next level by demonstrating how to execute a scalable, methodical, and disciplined approach to digital transformation success.

Merger and acquisition ERP digital transformations can be a significant challenge. But a solid framework is built on good practices with proven success. We have a successful track record with integrations, upgrades, mergers, and acquisitions, and we want to share our methods with you.

Our leadership experience in organizational change, information technology, ERP, and digital transformation crosses multiple industries.