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Jack and Jonathan discuss the key objectives of why Nestell & Associates has launched this new podcast. You’ll understand more about why this is a podcast dedicated to organizational stakeholders, practitioners, and researchers. This is a discussion on any and all things ERP and organizational change and we intend it to be a platform for those seeking to share, learn, and reflect on ERP organizational change success.

One of our biggest objectives in this episode is to drive home the fact that all of our episodes are intended to share experiences and contribute to the field of ERP organizational change by bridging research with practice.

Jack and Jonathan will discuss how the podcast seeks to;

1) Promote, connect, and foster relationships in the ERP organizational change community

2) Contribute to the field of ERP organizational change

3) bring research and practice closer together

Episode 1    |    27min

The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

Episode 1: The ERP Organizational Change Journal Intoduction

by Dr Jack G.Nestell and Jonathan Donald | The ERP Organizational Change Journal

Episode 6: ERP Organizational Change Success Factors

Episode 6 ERP Organizational Change Success FactorsThis episode we will explore Dr. Justin Goldston’s research and examination of ERP critical success factors. This episode will also explore “transformational Leadership”, the triad of ERP organizational change, and...

Episode 3: Transformative Leader

In this episode, we will discuss leadership growth and development. In additional we will discuss the value of applying sound principles based of the latest thinking in Adult Development Theory (also known as Advanced or Vertical Leadership Development.

Episode 1 The ERP Organizational Change Journal Introduction

Jack and Co-host Jonathan discuss the purpose behind creating a podcast that is dedicated ERP Organizational Change Success. They will discuss how the podcast is dedicated to organizational stakeholders, practitioners, and researchers with the purpose of discussing, sharing, and reflecting upon effective and efficient ways in which to realize ERP organizational change success

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