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Jack and Jonathan discuss the key objectives of why Nestell & Associates has launched this new podcast. You’ll understand more about why this is a podcast dedicated to organizational stakeholders, practitioners, and researchers. This is a discussion on any and all things ERP and organizational change and we intend it to be a platform for those seeking to share, learn, and reflect on ERP organizational change success.

One of our biggest objectives in this episode is to drive home the fact that all of our episodes are intended to share experiences and contribute to the field of ERP organizational change by bridging research with practice.

Jack and Jonathan will discuss how the podcast seeks to;

1) Promote, connect, and foster relationships in the ERP organizational change community

2) Contribute to the field of ERP organizational change

3) bring research and practice closer together

Episode 1    |    27min

The ERP Organizational Change Journal - Podcast By Nestell & Associates

Episode 1: The ERP Organizational Change Journal Intoduction

by Dr Jack G.Nestell and Jonathan Donald | The ERP Organizational Change Journal

Episode 19: Training Evaluation

Episode 19: Training Evaluation

Episode 19 Training EvaluationIn this episode, we will discuss “Training Evaluation” with Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick. The Kirkpatrick Model has evolved over multiple decades through application by learning and development professionals around the world. Let’s learn more...

Episode 15: Effective Organizational Change

Episode 15: Effective Organizational Change

Episode 15 Effective Organizational ChangeIn this episode, we will discuss “Effective Organizational Change” with Dr. Eric Canny.  We will examine topics such as; applied research, observable and unobservable manifestations of organizational culture, how to advocate...

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We are excited to have friends and colleagues join us for “The ERP Organizational Change Journal” podcast. We have an incredible lineup of ERP and organizational change speakers, authors, professors, researchers and pioneers in the field, practitioners, PE partners, business executives, ERP vendors, and organizational stakeholders.

  • Mr. David Stefanick: “Winning the ERP Game”, Author of the book “Winning the ERP Game”, Founder of STX Consulting (STXConsulting.com).
  • Mr. Paul Van Metre: “Industry Specific ERP & Differentiators: People, Process, and Technology”, Co-founder of ProShop ERP, Board Member of Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA).
  • Mr. Alexander Salas: “Effective Principle Based Learning”, Award-winning eLearning designer, Learning facilitator and instructional designer, Owner of StyleLearn.


  • Mr. Joe Choorapuzha: “Organizational Transformation: Keys to Success ”, Partner at Incline Equity Partners- a private equity firm investing in manufacturing, distribution, and business services companies.
  • Dr. Liz Bywater: “Slow Down to Speed Up: Lead, Succeed and Thrive in a 24/7 World”, Strategic Advisor, Author, Team Accelerator, Speaker, Nestell & Associates Strategic Advisor, Author “Slow Down to Speed Up: Lead, Succeed and Thrive in a 24/7 World”.


  • Mr. Pete Malone: “Private Equity: IRR, EBITDA, and the value of ERP”,  SAP Director of Private Equity and Strategic Initiatives.

We seek to

  • Promote, connect, and foster relationships in the #ERPorganizationalchange community
  • Contribute to the field of #ERPorganizationalchange
  • Bring research and practice closer together.


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