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At Nestell & Associates, our expertise in IT & ERP Organizational Change within the Private Equity sector is both deep-rooted and expansive. This Resources Page is a reflection of our commitment to sharing what we believe in, trust, and have experienced first-hand.

Each piece of content and every resource we present is carefully selected based on its potential to bring value to your operations. We draw from our extensive industry experience to provide insights and tools that we trust and recommend. As our collection of resources expands, you’ll find a growing repository of knowledge that aligns with our dedication to excellence and effectiveness in Private Equity IT and ERP solutions.

Leverage the insights and guidance we share for impactful business transformation.

  • Denison Consulting: Nestell & Associates is a proud partner and associate with Denison Consulting. Denison Consulting’s mission since 1998 has been to optimize organizational performance by improving culture and leadership.

The reasons why culture is important to learn about in general, and crucial to improving business performance

The Denison Model process

  • Corporate Caterpillars: Ron West’s book is a must read for any corporate leadership team. Whether your organization is in a steady state and looking to improve corporate culture or is beginning the initial planning of a significant corporate project, Ron’s book clearly brings a perspective on corporate truths that are often under-looked yet greatly impact success. The human element is a significant part of the success of any company or corporate project. Ron’s work does an excellent job of bringing this to light.
  • Vista IT Group: As one of the largest and most established technology providers in the country, Vista IT Group has been serving customers through core competencies in data center, supply chain, and technology services since 1976. Uniquely equipped with certified engineers, warehouse facilities, and logistics expertise, its business model can quickly respond to the ever-changing technology needs of Nestell & Associate customers. Vista IT provides a broad range of programs and professional services to help integrate strategies around its customers’ information technology, data, and lifecycle management needs.

  • The ProAction Group: With deep experience in the deal environment, the ProAction Group was designed to serve PE clients. The firm is responsive on very short notice and knows how to interact with deal teams, lenders, and other advisors in a time-efficient and productive manner. The ProAction Group understands the importance of “showing well” to a target acquisition and how to interact constructively with target company management. When working with portfolio companies, the firm knows how to build trust with boards and management.
  • The ProAction Group: They Know Private Equity. We designed The ProAction Group to serve PE clients. We have deep experience in the deal environment. We are responsive on very short notice. We know how to interact with deal teams, lenders, and other advisors in a time-efficient and productive manner. We understand the importance of “showing well” to a target acquisition. We know how to interact constructively with target company management. With portfolio companies, we know how to build trust with boards and management.
  • Info-Tech Research Group: The Info-Tech Research Group produces unbiased and highly relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions. The firm partners closely with IT teams to provide everything they need, from actionable tools to analyst guidance, ensuring they deliver measurable results for their organizations.
  • The Organizational Culture and Leadership Institute: OCLI is a business dedicated to advancing organizational leadership and design through a deeper understanding of organizational culture and career development. OCLI is led by Ed Schein and Peter Schein with support from partners worldwide.

  • Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations: Aligning Culture and Strategy by Daniel Denison, Robert Hooijberg, Nancy Lane, Colleen Lief: Filled with case studies from firms such as GT Automotive, GE Healthcare China, Vale, Dominos, Swiss Re Americas Division, and Polar Bank, this book combines twenty years of research and survey results to illustrate a critical set of cultural dynamics that firms need to manage in order to remain competitive.
  • Turning Research into Results: A Guide to Selecting the Right Performance Solutions, Second Edition, by Richard E. Clark and Jack Estes: This is a must buy! Dr. Clark is a friend and colleague. The authors do an excellent job of applying research to practice. Their book provides gap analysis insight in a simple yet systematic problem-solving approach to helping improve performance and achieve organizational goals. It provides a way to clarify goals, assess them, and describe gaps between current levels of performance or achievement and the desired levels or goals. It also provides a way to investigate actual (not assumed) causes of those gaps so that resources and solutions are clearly targeted. Finally, it is designed to help real organizations improve their success by providing assistance in solving real-world problems in large and small organizations.
  • TRANSFORM:  ACTIONABLE IDEAS FOR YOUR COMPANY’S CULTURE REVOLUTION. In this latest TRANSFORM you’ll gain access to 100 different actions from more than 100 organizations that our research and practice have shown can elevate performance and improve the level of clarity and alignment in organizations regarding what they do, why they do it, and how they do it.
  • The Denison Model: Organizational Culture Survey. Learn more about the Denison Model and the key elements of culture that will help your organization improve business performance.