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This podcast is intended as a forum to study and share and discuss ERP organizational change.

We hope that you find this podcast useful as we share lessons learned, best practices, and the human components of ERP organizational change.

We will draw on the knowledge from extensive research, collaborative learning, and practitioner expertise, as well as experiences of project successes and failures.

The general review and theme of ERP and organizational change literature and research suggest that understanding and awareness of these tactical approaches founded in principle is fundamental to ERP organizational change success.

Our goal is to provide insight into these tactics, approaches, and principles, so that they may prove useful in addressing ERP organizational change success.

” For me, it’s really all about organizational success. It’s being a part of creating a healthy and vibrant organization. In a time of constantly evolving technology, in addition to resource, time, and budget constraints, meeting these organizational changes can be challenging. And this is such an important transformation for organizations. Frankly, I want to see the win rate go up. “


Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Host - Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Host - Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Founder - Nestell & Associates

Founding partner of Nestell & Associates, Board Member, CIO, Executive Director of IT, Vice President of IT, IT Security Officer, IT Business Advisor and Consultant, Author, and ERP Organizational Change Speaker.

IT leadership and ERP implementation and integration experience across many industries and is an expert in ERP and IT merger and acquisition due diligence. Recruited by private equity firms to drive ERP optimization in portfolio companies.

Developing strategic, scalable, and lean information technology teams, procedures, and technology that position companies for future growth and success.

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