The ERP Organizational Change Journal

“The ERP Organizational Change Journal” Podcast

Diving into the complexities of Enterprise Resource Planning, this ERP Podcast stands at the forefront of ERP change management discussions. It’s an essential hub for Private Equity Stakeholders, Practitioners, and Researchers seeking success in ERP organizational change. We focus on effective strategies and real-world experiences in ERP Change management, exploring the integral roles of people, processes, and technology in driving transformative ERP projects.

“In my role as a global ERP leader for HB Fuller and collaborative senior IT leader, I often look for outside perspectives on how to educate an organization on their enterprise resource planning journeys. This podcast’s approach of “listen, learn, and implement” gives a leader like me practical examples and skills to leverage from thought leaders in this field. In addition, the principles discussed can be applied to ERP as well as any business software that will support the enterprise. The one main takeaway I gain from this podcast on a recurring basis is that it constantly resets my perspective to look at my deliverables through my stakeholders’ eyes, and what value they bring to the organization.”

Nicholas Jackson

Global ERP Director, HB Fuller

ERP Organizational Change Podcast: A Forum for Learning and Discussion

We hope that you find this podcast useful as we share lessons learned, best practices, and the human components of ERP organizational change. We draw on knowledge from extensive research, collaborative learning, practitioner expertise, and experiences of project successes and failures.

Host - Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Host - Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Founder - Nestell & Associates

Founding partner of Nestell & Associates – Author, and ERP Organizational Change Speaker.

IT leadership and ERP implementation and integration experience across many industries and is an expert in ERP and IT merger and acquisition due diligence. Recruited by private equity firms to drive ERP optimization in portfolio companies.

For me, it’s really all about organizational success. It’s being a part of creating a healthy and vibrant organization. In a time of constantly evolving technology, in addition to resource, time, and budget constraints, meeting these organizational changes can be challenging. And this is such an important transformation for organizations. Frankly, I want to see the win rate go up.


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