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Episode 5

The Benefit of Industry Specific ERP Platforms and Emerging Technologies in ERP

Episode 5 The Benefit of Industry Specific ERP Platforms and Emerging Technologies in ERP Guest Mr. Paul Magel

by | Jan 1, 2021

We will discuss with Paul Magel the pros and value of industry-specific ERP platforms as well as where ERP is heading in terms of emerging technologies and technological advancements in software development.

Industry Specific ERP & Emerging Technologies

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

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Paul Magel


Paul Magel

Paul Magel

Paul Magel, president, Business Applications and Technology Outsourcing division, CGS

Paul Magel, who leads the Business Application solutions division at CGS, oversees the company’s flagship BlueCherry® Enterprise Suite of solutions for fashion, apparel and consumer lifestyle products. Leading the division for more than 20 years, the BlueCherry solution has grown from a single order-to-cash system to a complete end-to-end supply chain solution, encompassing ERP, PLM, planning, manufacturing, logistics, B2B eCommerce, shop floor control, warehousing and collaborative supply chain management. Paul has also served for over 10 years on the International Trade and Marketing (ITM) Advisory Board of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), SUNY. He serves on the board of Retailers United, founded to help small and medium wholesalers and retailers navigate through the pandemic, providing such support as financial sponsorships, services and mentorships.

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About This Episide

In this episode, we will discuss industry-specific platforms and future state ERP platforms. We discuss with Paul two main points. First, we will examine some key points in which to consider during ERP selection and the role and value of industry-specific platforms. Second, we will examine the role of emerging technologies in future state ERP systems. ERP platforms are at an exciting point in terms of implementing and integrating emerging technologies into their products. As anyone in the ERP organizational change business will tell you, attention needs to be placed on all aspects of the ERP organizational change triad of people, process, and technology. While the ”people” and “process” part of that triad will always be critical, emerging technologies and the technological advancement of software development will certainly have a significant role to play in ERP organizational change success. How? Well, let’s ask our guest.

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