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by | Oct 6, 2022

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About this Episode

In this episode, we discuss ERP organizational change implementation with David Ogilvie, a colleague, and long-time practitioner. We dive into some valuable specifics of ERP success, ERP Implementation Project Management, the role of corporate culture, common challenges, learning & development (L&D), and more!


David Ogilvie

David Ogilvie –
Director and Principal Consultant, David Ogilvie Consulting

David Ogilvie logo

More About David

David’s expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and supply-chain management makes him one of the world’s leading business-improvement specialists.

He works with executives of both publicly listed and privately owned businesses to help them build strategic direction and apply technology to improve operational performance and profitability.

He has developed industry-leading intellectual property, including SureSelect™, a methodology for selecting the right products and software vendors for businesses; the ERP Success Formula™, a framework and methods for keeping digital transformation and technology projects successfully on track; and 4V Supply Chain Model™, a framework for building supply-chain resiliency into operations.

He is a published author, speaker, and consultant in high demand. 

book cover 14 Deadly Sins of ERP Implementation

Episode Highlights Timeline 

03:17 What is your definition of ERP?

03:44 Suppose you are leading a kickoff meeting for an organization that is just starting an ERP implementation. How would you define and describe for them “success” in terms of an ERP organizational change?

04:44 How would you describe your general understanding of ERP implementation success rates in the field, based on your own work, anecdotal evidence of others, and your research?

05:52 From your experience implementing ERP, what would you say are the most critical aspects of ERP Implementation Project Management?

07:36 Why do you think many ERP projects fail to deliver on expectations? There have obviously been countless papers written highlighting all sorts of reasons for ERP failure.

08:54 You state on your website that “ERP is more about people and outcomes than it is about technology “I know that this is a loaded question, but what role does the overall corporate culture play in ERP organizational change, and why?

12:11 What challenges do you most often face as you implement ERP?

16:30 What about training and learning & development (L&D) in the organization? To what extent do you suggest and encourage opportunities for training and learning? Before implementation? During? Post?

21:10 You wrote an article on your blog titled “Benefits of Conflict”.  When you go through an ERP organizational change process, are there even any conflicts? Or is it more typical that everything is “kumbaya”?

25:59 What would you tell our listeners about the value of ERP selection, and can you share some pointers?

31:10 What leadership styles, or attributes, would you say were most prevalent during the best of your ERP implementation experiences?

33:18 What value do you put in incident Management and Change Management? And how do you tactical manage?

35:55 To put you on the spot, What would you say were the most critical success factors that facilitated your success?

37:41 If you were going to give advice to an organization preparing for an ERP implementation what little golden nugget would you like to leave with our listeners?


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