by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast: ERP Practitioner Insights

by | Sep 27, 2022

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About this Episode

In this episode, we discuss ERP organizational change implementation with a long-time practitioner – Brett Beaubouef

We discuss some key influences on ERP organizational change success including the definition of success, ERP success rates, critical keys to project management, ERP expectations, the role of corporate culture, common challenges and pitfalls, Learning and Development (L&D), ERP organizational change conflict, Leadership styles, critical success factors and more! Please join us as we learn some ERP Practitioner Insights!

Ian Ziskin

Brett Beaubouef – Program Manager at Mastek

More About Brett

For the past twenty-five years, Brett has helped customers select, implement, and manage ERP solutions across five industries. Growing thought leader for ERP deployment and realization strategies.

Wearing multiple hats: Program Manager, Project Manager, Solution Architect, ERP Advisor and Project Jester. I am not arrogant enough to believe that I know it all or that ANY ERP vendor is the keeper of ALL best practices. Nor do I blindly subscribe that the CUSTOMER is always right. I WILL get you live! Honest to a fault. Made plenty of mistakes — once.

Episode Highlights Timeline 

04:10 How would you define ERP?

06:37 Suppose you are leading a kickoff meeting for an organization that is just starting an ERP implementation. How would you describe for them “success” in terms of an ERP organizational change?

09:52 How would you describe your general understanding of ERP implementation success rates in the field, based on your own work, anecdotal evidence of others and your research?

13:32 From your experience implementing ERP, what would you say are the most critical aspects of ERP Implementation Project Management?

18:15 Why do you think many ERP projects fail to deliver on expectations? There have obviously been countless papers written highlighting all sorts of reasons for ERP failure.

21:05 I know that this is a loaded question, but what role does the overall corporate culture play in ERP organizational change and why?

23:44 What challenges do you most often face as you implement ERP?

26:18 What about training and learning & development (L&D) in the organization? To what extent do you suggest and encourage opportunities for training and learning? Before implementation? During? Post?

31:18 When you go through an ERP organizational change process, are there even any conflicts? Or is it more typical that every is “kumbaya”?

34:32 What leadership styles, or attributes, would you say were most prevalent during the best of your ERP implementation experiences?

39:32 You stated in a LI post that “An ERP project manager is a necessary evil. An ERP project leader is an influencer and success generator.”. Tell our listeners more.

41:57 “I have a go-live coming up soon and the customer executive asked me how I felt about our readiness for go-live. I said “Technically, I am not concerned. Functionally, I’m a little concerned and emotionally I am “$%#****!””. 7 functions (modules) across 13 countries. God help me for being an empathic project manager.”

47:14 If you were going to give advice to an organization preparing for an ERP implementation what little golden nugget would you like to leave our listeners?

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