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About this Episode

In this episode, we discuss software development and its role in digital innovation, digital transformation, and ERP success with guest Steve Douglas.

We do know that nearly all large-scale ERP implementations require some level of customization. And, there is a line between “out of the box” deployments and required customization or software development.  We also know that excessive customizations, application integration, and poor understanding of business requirements can extend ERP go-lives and even create business risk. So, in this episode, we will explore these notions further.


Carol Panza

Steve Douglas
Sr Account Executive – Nexient

More About Steve

Sr Account executive with 30+ years of diverse business and software system consulting experience.  Implemented 50+ ERP systems for Medium to Large businesses. Steve has an accounting background and most recently specializes in supply chain planning and quote-to-cash business processes.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” I partner with business leaders to understand their business challenges and goals and apply my 30+ years of experience to help them innovate and succeed. I thrive on complex problems, technology, and leading winning teams. Building lasting relationships of trust, success and happiness make it all worthwhile.

Steve Douglas


Phone: 503-807-0873


Web Site:

Episode Highlights Timeline 

04:02 How would you define Digital Innovation?

05:40 How would you define digital transformation?

07:39 What role would you say effective software development plays in successful ERP deployment?

19:38 How would you define success for a software development product/project?

24:22 The Nexient site states that “Along the way, we’ve learned something important that most software product development companies fail to understand. The magic of software is more than its ability to automate tasks or save money. What most product development companies miss… great software has the power to engage and connect with people.” Can you tell our listeners more about this please?

27:55 in reference to a Nexient article by Dan Formanek, “North Star Myth Busting”, I know that a “A North Star metric is intended to be a key measure of success. Its value comes from aligning everyone to work towards a common goal. At its best, it helps provide focus and leads people to make better decisions.”

  • Myth: We must identify only one North Star metric.
  • Myth: Our North Star metric should measure business value (e.g., revenue).
  • Myth: Our North Star metric never needs to change.
  • Myth: We don’t need to measure anything other than our North Star.

How is this idea of North Start metrics used in effective software development?

30:25 The Nexient website states that “The best software development case studies are fueled by deep technology expertise and the ability to perform scaled agile development through applied innovation, creative strategy and quality engineering.”, but what is agile software development?

41:11 In reference to a Nexient article, “Why You Need Both a Scrum Master and Product Owner on an Agile Team” by Phil Morehead and Ted Tomoyasu, define scrum master and product owner for our listeners and explain why this idea is so important in software development projects.

44:42 In reference to a Nexient article, “Culture and Consistency – the Keys to Agile Development Success” by Aubrey Wade, “Software development can be complicated. Projects can start to go off the rails and it’s not always from lack of effort, ability, or experience.”  What role does organizational culture play in successful software development?

50:33 In reference to a Nexient article “Digital Enablement vs. Digital Transformation”, what’s the difference between digital enablement vs. digital transformation?

52:15 In reference to a Nexient article “Usability testing vs user acceptance testing: what’s the difference?” by Trent Nguyen, What is the difference between usability testing vs user acceptance testing?

54:45 In reference to a Nexient article “Kanban: Team Maturity Matters” by Jerry Walker, How is/can Kanban be used in effective software development and what dies Jerry mean by “Team Maturity Matters”?

57:04 In terms of software development and ERP success, what final piece of advice can you leave for our listeners?


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