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The ERP Organizational Change Journal

Episode 58:

Stakeholders in Change Management for Long-Term ERP Success

by | Mar 23, 2022

About this Episode

In this episode, we discuss how to communicate change to stakeholders and the importance of stakeholder engagement for a higher and long-term ERP success rate. We talk with Jennifer Scheehle about the proper stakeholder engagement strategy and leadership best practices in ERP implementation. Tune in today to learn more about stakeholders in change management!

We do know that ERP organizational change can be challenging. Effective strategy and alignment of several influences are crucial including business strategy, leadership, innovation, and stakeholder engagement/alignment, effective decision-making helps leaders and organizations to ensure long-term success.

Jennifer Scheehle

Jennifer Scheehle

Jennifer Scheehle is the Founder and CEO of Inogize, a boutique strategy and executive advisory firm leveraging proprietary frameworks built upon foundations of curiosity, empathy and adaptability; allowing companies to maximize innovation, strategy and execution.

More about Jennifer

Jennifer began her career as a researcher at Battelle, led key account sales for two software startups that realized successful exits, is a former American Heart Association executive and immediate past-chair of Form5 Prosthetics’ board of directors and nominating committee.


Jennifer holds undergraduate degrees in engineering from University of Washington and a Masters of Business Administration from Capital University. Jennifer is an Advisor for SEA (Social Enterprise Accelerator) Change and a Mentor to startup ventures at The Ohio State University.  Jennifer has been recognized as a 40 Under 40 Award winner by Business First and an Alumni of Distinction by Capital University.



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Episode Highlights 

02:35 You have an article titled “The Future of Meaningful Innovation? Drop the Anxiety. Keep the Empathy.” What is the connection between empathy and Innovation?

06:05 In your article “Be Purposeful and Innovative”, you mention that there are some key areas to be mindful of. In this article you state that “through purpose and innovation, we can change the world around us. It’s happening in medicine, technology, and multiple other spaces. You can make it happen in your sphere as well.”

I would like to discuss these over the next few questions. The first was “DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE”.  Please tell our listeners more.

08:57 In your article “Be Purposeful and Innovative”, what would you tell organizational stakeholders about “INNOVATION”?

10:13 In your article “Be Purposeful and Innovative”, what is the value of FOCUS and how do you do that exactly?

12:52 In your article “Be Purposeful and Innovative”, you discuss “RELATIONSHIP BUILDING”. What is the relation between purpose and innovation?

14:46 One question you ask businesses and leaders is, “Are you aware of all your stakeholder groups, and are they aligned with your vision?” In general, how do you approach stakeholder alignment to the corporate vision?

16:25 How do you know if stakeholders are inspired, engaged, and motivated to realize organizational goals and desires?

21:04 If you were going to give advice to an organization regarding successful ERP implementation as a tool for business continuous improvement and value realization, what would you say in terms of learning, leadership, and culture? How would you summarize this conversation?

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