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The ERP Organizational Change Journal

Episode 52

ERP Organizational Change Success: Leadership and Management

by | Jan 14, 2022

About this Episode

In this episode, we discuss “ERP Organizational Change Success: Leadership and Management” with Guest Dr. Todd Dewett.

We discuss the definition of leadership, execution, ERP organizational change burnout, culture driven by meaningful feedback, politics, embracing change, learning from failure, keys of successful management, unproductive leadership behaviors, and managing for results.

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Todd Dewett

Todd Dewett

Dr. Todd Dewett is a top global leadership educator, author, and coach.

More about Todd

After working with Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young, he completed his PhD at Texas A&M University in Organizational Behavior and spent ten years as an award-winning professor. 

He’s delivered over 1,000 speeches and created a library of courses enjoyed by millions of professionals in nearly every country on earth. 

His clients include Google, IBM, GE, Pepsi, ExxonMobil and hundreds more.  His colorful advice has been cited by the New York Times, Forbes, CNN, and many additional outlets.

Connect with Todd


LinkedIn Learning library

Phone number 800-401-2926

email address

Episode Mentions

 “LEADERSHIP REDEFINED” (Todd Dewett, June 8, 2021)

“EXECUTION IS EVERYTHING” (Todd Dewett, October 15, 2020,)

“AVOIDING BURNOUT” (Todd Dewett, April 19, 2019, LinkedIn Learning,) 

“MANAGING STRESS” (Todd Dewett, LinkedIn Learning,) 

“DELIVERING EMPLOYEE FEEDBACK” (Todd Dewett, LinkedIn Learning,) 

“DEVELOPING POLITICAL SAVVY” (Todd Dewett, LinkedIn Learning,) 

“POLITICS ISN’T A DIRTY WORD” (Todd Dewett, July 25, 2019)

“EMBRACING CHANGE” (Todd Dewett, Tom Bilyeu, May 14, 2017)


“MANAGEMENT TIPS” (Todd Dewett, LinkedIn Learning,)

“MANAGERS BE TRANSPARENT!” (Todd Dewett, September 12, 2019,)


“MANAGING FOR RESULTS”, (Todd Dewett, LinkedIn Learning,)

“MOTIVATING AND ENGAGING EMPLOYEES”, (Todd Dewett, LinkedIn Learning,)


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