Episode 4

Achieve Organizational Culture Change Success

Episode 4 Achieve Organizational Culture Change Success Guest Dr. Daniel Denison

by | Jan 1, 2021

In this episode, we will discuss how effective change happens. As Dr. Daniel Denison states, “Change happens when an organization aligns around a mission, establishes clear priorities, and offers concrete steps toward achieving them.”

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

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Dr. Daniel Denison

Dr. Daniel Denison

Chairman, Denison Consulting, LLC

My work on transforming organisational cultures has been the foundation of my professional career, as a teacher, researcher, and consultant. Our consulting firm, Denison Consulting, is a global leader in this area 

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About This Episide

We will discuss Dr. Denison’s contributions to the understanding of organizational culture and its relationship to bottom-line business success. We will also discuss The Denison Model of Organizational Culture; the basis for one of the industry’s leading organizational culture assessment tools. We will further explore how research has shown a strong relationship between organizational culture and business performance metrics such as profitability, growth, customer satisfaction, and innovation. This episode will examine organizational culture, organizational culture and its relationship to strategy, leadership development, trust, and organization-related influences.

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