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The ERP Organizational Change Journal

Episode 40 

Curve Benders

by | Sep 8, 2021

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

In This Episode

In this episode, “Curve Benders” we will discuss the title of his book with Mr. David Nour.  This episode will examine  “Enabling Leaders to Reimage The Future” including Mr. Nour’s roadmap for professionals who no longer accept old mandates for growth, but understand that innovation, risk, and reward structures must be re-envisioned to spur the next level of business success.” 

David Nour is a leadership expert and has published 4 books. His past work includes engagements with executives at Cisco, HP, Gen Re, Chubb, KPMG, Siemens, Deloitte, Disney, ThyssenKrupp, Marriott, Microsoft, IBM, Equifax, as well as leading industry associations and academic forums. David is a Relationship Economics® Advisor, Educator, and Executive Coach.

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David Nour

David Nour

David Nour – Relationship Economics® Advisor, Educator, and Executive Coach; Thinkers50 Radar 2021

Clients call me when they want to leverage the value of their greatest off-balance sheet asset: their relationships.

For 20 years, I’ve helped leading organizations recognize the many quantifiable ways that relationships drive everything: strategy, innovation, growth, and profitability. I speak 50-60 times a year and have written eleven books, translated into eight languages including best-selling Relationship Economics (Wiley), ConnectAbility (McGraw-Hill), Return on Impact (Josey-Bass), Co-Create (St. Martin’s Press), and the newly released, Curve Benders (Wiley, 2021).

I serve as an independent director on the boards of two privately-held, venture-backed tech companies, and very much enjoy such roles.

More About David


I teach courses related to strategy visualization, cultural transformation, digital disruption and forward-thinking governance in the Executive Education program at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

A native of Iran I immigrated to the United States in 1981 with a suitcase, $100, limited family ties, and no fluency in English. My life since then is completely a function of my ability to develop – and nurture – strong relationships.

Nour Group

Across hundreds of organizations, our team has been the first to introduce the concept that there is a quantifiable value to business relationships. This insight transforms relationships from a soft, fuzzy, soft-skill into a strategic asset in which a company can invest.

We help leading organizations better understand their relationship dynamics with customers, members, partners, distributors, employees, investors, and the board. By leveraging those dynamics, our clients create exceptional experiences, elevate their brands, strengthen their culture, and – most importantly – enjoy robust growth.

Many people are good at relationship creation, but only a very few excel at relationship capitalization.

Our Strategy Visualization efforts help global P&L leaders visualize a strategic path forward, while our Innovation Sprints elevate the mindset, skillset, and toolset of the next generation of leaders to make prudent investments in business model innovation.

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Nour Group
Book cover - Curve Benders by David Nour

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Episode Highlights & More about this Episode


01:30 Nour, Tell us more about yourself!

04:00 One of your areas of expertise is “Relationship Economics®”, which is a trademarked idea. Can you share with our listeners what that means?

06:16 You state on your site,, that “It has never been easier to blame external factors for problems of our own making. Real innovation is the key to the survival of your company. Are you willing to accept the uncertainty, risk, and disruption it can cause in your status quo? What will it take for you to think and lead differently?” If innovation leadership can be so uncertain, risky, and disruptive, why change the status quo?

09:45 In Your new booked, published this year, “Curve Benders”, shares how strategic relationships can power your non-linear growth in the future of work”, this is putting into play the idea of what we discussed in the first question of “Relationship Economics”, can you elaborate more on what you mean by non-linear growth?

12:14 In Chapter 2 of your book, you discuss 15 forces impacting your future, can you maybe share a couple of these. I would highly recommend our listeners to grab your book to learn more about these as each one deserves considerable thought and conversation. But can you touch on a couple of examples?

19:40 In Chapter 3 you discuss “accelerated relevancy”, can you share with our listeners what that means?

22:10 In Chapter 6, you discuss what seems to me to be a significant transformational leadership attribute and that is “Curve bending in the lives of others”. I know that this is a big topic, but in general, how do you do that in a way that is effective?

25:05 Regarding another idea that you discuss in your book, I do know that during ERP organizational change specifically, many stakeholders face great demand and significant risks and challenges. To realize the greatest effectiveness and efficiencies, these challenges require significant trust, innovation, experimentation, and tolerance for risk. In terms of creating positive change through a Culture of Experimentation, why is that good, can’t that be quite risky?

Your site states something that I found to be intriguing, “None of Us Can Pick the Winners; We Can Only Bet on The Most Promising Business Models”. Please explain why you say that?

It is one thing to talk about experimentation and change but reality is, that often as a workforce in general, change resistance can be a significant influence on success. In general, how do you encounter resistance to change?

28:53 How would you define organizational culture and what role does that play in successful organizational innovation and transformation?

31:57 Why Do Most Innovation Initiatives Fail?

34:47 Nour, As fellow practitioners, we absolutely benefit from learning from our colleagues and friends, both “boots on the ground” as well as researchers. How would you summarize this conversation? That is, if you had to distill your work into 3 or 4 sentences, what would you say to ERP organizational change practitioners and organizational stakeholders?

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