Episode 10

Episode 10: Leadership for Successful ERP: Myths, Behaviors, and Practice

Episode 10 Dr Gary A DePaul

by | Feb 4, 2021

In this episode, Host Dr. Jack G. Nestell and Co-Host Jonathan Donald have an in-depth conversation with Guest Gary A. DePaul asking the question; What is leadership exactly and why should you care? We explore leadership for successful ERP and discuss myths, behaviors, and practice.

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast: Leadership for Successful ERP: Myths, Behaviors, and Practice

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This Episodes’ Guest

Dr. Gary A. DePaul

Dr. Gary A. DePaul

Dr. Gary DePaul has worked in HR and talent development departments at Lowe’s, Ceridian, Fidelity Information Services, Johnson Controls, and Arthur Andersen. He managed multiple enterprise projects, teams, and departments.


Gary earned a PhD in Adult Learning from UIUC and is designated as a Certified Performance Technologist or CPT.

Gary is now a leadership consultant, author, podcaster, and independent researcher. He partners with HR and talent-development executives to build the health of their organizations, teams, and themselves. Some project examples include:


  • Analyzing the effectiveness of mid-level and frontline managers
  • Redesigning enterprise onboarding and internship programs
  • Assessing and developing individual executives
  • Evaluating leadership development programs

More About This Episode: Leadership for Successful ERP: Myths, Behaviors, and Practice

Our interview with Dr. DePaul includes a conversation on leadership and trust, leadership evolution, action-learning, unlabeled leadership, leadership myths, effective leadership, secrets of leadership, and more!

When it comes to leadership, proven principles, common sense, and common practice may not be the same thing. What are the obstacle and prejudices of leadership?  What differentiates a manager from a leader? What motivates us as individuals to stand up as leaders? Let’s explore these points further together.

ERP Deployment: The Obstacles

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