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The ERP Organizational Change Journal

Episode 36 

Effective and Efficient Organizational Development

by | Aug 12, 2021

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

In This Episode

In this episode, we discuss “Effective and Efficient Organizational Development” with Mr. Carlos Gregory. Let’s learn more together from Carlos on his vision for JAR Bio and how he is driving Effective and Efficient Organizational Development.

We explore effective and efficient change management practice and talk with Carlos about several key components to ERP organizational change success including Change Management, Organizational Development, and the role of innovation. We explore strategic business planning, organizational development, creating and executing company vision and strategy, rapidly identify opportunities and obstacles to business objectives and develop innovative solutions by collaborating with key stakeholders.

We also examine “ developing and building teams that thrive in a hardworking, high engagement and customer-focused cultures; inspiring dedication, loyalty, and accountability by utilizing adaptive leadership methodologies; achieving aggressive goals by leveraging results-focused priorities.”

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Carlos Gregory 

Carlos Gregory

About Carlos Gregory

Mr. Carlos Gregory is a Private Equity Operating Partner and currently president of JAR Bio.

JAR Bio is a leader in disinfection technology.  JAR Bio deploys a “whole room disinfection” technology, powered by the Medisystem, supported by high ranking agencies, their vision to deliver services to a myriad of facilities and industries, in a flexible and affordable way to create positive impacts across the communities in which we serve.

Their mission is to provide our customers with a reasonable and prudent approach towards disinfection to protect facility occupants in a certifiable way. These include schools, nursing homes, doctor offices, transportation, first responder facilities and the hospitality industry. 


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Episode Highlights & More about this Episode

04:12 We all know that there is effective and efficient Change Management and then there is change management. How would you define effective change management? 

05:34 In what ways is organizational development dependent on effective and efficient change management? (Or is I tend to view it – Change Leadership) 

06:56 In what ways does an organizational culture that advocates for innovation contribute to positive outcomes in terms of organizational development? culture needs to be sticky that is sticky…in what ways practically…everyone needs to be valued, innovative, customer-focused,

09:33 When it comes to successful organizational change management, what role do chance and culture fit into your strategic planning play? ( And how do you include your cultural plan into your strategic plan?

12:25 Does strategic planning start with creating and executing company vision and strategy? How do you do that? “Good culture overcomes weaknesses”

14:09 Tell me about your course correction system? How do you support your teams and businesses to do this as close to real-time as possible?  In what ways does being able to rapidly identify opportunities and obstacles to business objectives contribute to change management success and organizational development? “In moments of uncertainty create certainty by over-communicating”

17:09 We discussed innovation in a previous question, doesn’t developing innovative solutions require collaborating with key stakeholders? How do you advocate for optimal stakeholder collaboration? “Disagreements are OK and welcome but they must be studied so we can learn from them.”

20:05 You know as well as I do that PE acquisition can be a tough business, how do you develop and build teams that thrive in a hardworking, high engagement, and customer-focused culture? (What culture, belief, behaviors and systems do you use) The simple and little things can make a big difference….

22:11 Can you share some of your “adaptive leadership methodologies” in which you “inspire dedication, loyalty, and accountability? Boost or enhance skills, remain focused, reorganize.

24:21 What metrics do use or how do you measure that you are being focused or reorganizing appropriately?

32.50 We spoke early in our podcast with Dr. Clark about motivation and the science of using goals to motivate. Any tips for our listeners on achieving aggressive goals, what in your experience are the common mistakes? 

35:47 If you were to distill down your years of expertise, research, and expertise, what are your closing remarks that you would like to leave with our listeners in terms of effective change management in general? 


EPISODE 2, “Organizational Performance Improvement”, Dr. Richard E. Clark,

Catmull, E., & Wallace, A. (2014). Creativity, Inc: overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration. Random House.

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