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Episode 30

Evidence-Based Performance Improvement

The ERP Organizational Change Journal

by | Jun 30, 2021

In This Episode

In this episode, we will discuss “Evidence-Based Performance Improvement” with Guy Wallace.

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

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This Episodes’ Guest

Guy W Wallace

Guy Wallace

Performance Analyst and Instructional Architect

Guy has been an external consultant since 1982 and has conducted over 250 projects for more than 80 clients, including over 45 Fortune 500 companies. His non-F500 firms include NASA, NAVSEA, NAVAIR; and non-USA firms: British Petroleum, Imperial Oil, Novacor, Opel and Siemens. 

Guy is particularly known for his consulting work, writings, and presentations on both Performance Analysis, and Curriculum Architecture Design, both in support of business-critical, large-scale efforts with significant risks and/or returns. He has conducted 76 Curriculum Architecture Design efforts as a consultant since his first in 1982.

His methods are collaborative, using the expertise of Enterprise Stakeholders and their hand-picked Master Performers in instructional and performance support analysis, design and development efforts. 

His work has received numerous awards and recognition from his clients – at General Motors where his efforts won the Chairman’s Quality Award and at Siemen’s Building Technologies, and from professional organizations including numerous awards and recognition from the International Society for Performance and Improvement (ISPI) for work done at AT&T, HP, and Imperial Oil, and from ATD for his work with Change Healthcare.

He was also recognized by ISPI with its highest award, for his contributions to both Human Performance Technology and the Society, as the recipient of ISPI’s Honorary Life Member Award in 2010. And he was recruited as a founding member of the American Society for Quality’s Influential Voices Program in 2010 where he served until 2015. 

He has served on the Board as a Director (1999-2001) and as President-Elect and President (2002-2004) of ISPI. He is the co-founder of the ISPI Charlotte chapter (2009). He serves as IBSTPI Scholar for the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction. He also serves on the Executive Advisory Board for the Learning and Development Accelerator.

Guy provides initial project planning and overall project oversight, besides being an individual contributor in many project efforts. His goal is to always use the most effective and cost-efficient resources to maximize ROI for the client and he uses his extensive network of professionals accordingly.

Episode Resources & Links

Get in Touch with Guy 

Guy’s Amazon Author’s page:

Dr. Richard E. Clark

Episode 2: Organizational Performance Improvement with Guest Dr. Richard E. Clark

Dr. Richard E. Clark – Articles and Papers

Clark and Estes (2008), “Turning research into results: A guide to selecting the right performance solutions”, Information Age Pub Incorporated.

Jim Kirkpatrick

Kirkpatrick Partners

Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Training Evaluation

Buy the Book: Kirkpatrick’s 4 Levels of Training Evaluation

Kirkpatrick, D., & Kirkpatrick, J. (2006). Evaluating training programs: The four levels. Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

Kirkpatrick, J. D., & Kirkpatrick, W. K. (2016). Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training evaluation. Association for Talent Development.

Alex Salas

StyleLearn blog site:

eLearning Launch Instructional Design Academy

The ERP Organizational Change Journal – Podcast Episode 22:  Effective Principle-Based Learning

Jack Phillips and Patti Phillips

Phillips, J. J., & Phillips, P. P. (2007). The value of learning: How organizations capture value and ROI and translate it into support, improvement, and funds. John Wiley & Sons.,

Phillips, J. J., & Phillips, P. P. (2009). Measuring for success: What CEOs really think about learning investments. American Society for Training and Development.,

Phillips, J. J., & Phillips, P. P. (2008). Beyond learning objectives: Develop measurable objectives that link to the bottom line. American Society for Training and Development.,

ROI Institute Founded by Jack & Patti Phillips

Eppic Inc

EPPIC is Guy W. Wallace … and his extended network of freelancers, some of whom he has been working with since 1982. We offer you ISD services, and ISD staff development, in any of our ISD methodology-sets as is, or after adapting them to your needs. This includes the services below and the Analysis, and/or Project Planning & Management that crosses all three of our PACT Processes for performance-based ISD.

HTP Treasures

HTP Treasures

Our Purpose Is To Share & Educate

Thank you for your interest in Human Performance Technology – Evidence Based Practices for Performance Improvement!

HPT is the application of science to Performance Improvement. And in the words of the late Don Tosti, “All performance is a human endeavor.”

The original Site Administrators started this site to capture and preserve and to share some of our Free Resources in HPT/PI – that once were, but are no longer available from ISPI – plus our related books, articles and other resources.

More About This Episide

We explore effective and efficient learning and development practice. We will explore with Guy several key components to ERP organizational change success including research-based learning and education principles, L&D practical tips, gap analysis, developing SOPS, and more!

We seek to

  • Promote, connect, and foster relationships in the #ERPorganizationalchange community
  • Contribute to the field of #ERPorganizationalchange
  • Bring research and practice closer together.


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