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Episode 87

Organizational Transformation in ERP: Strategies for, Cultivating Culture, and Unleashing Innovation

In this episode, we discuss the dynamics of organizational transformation in ERP. With insights from a seasoned expert at a premier leadership development firm, we explore tactics to boost high-performing teams and strategies for strategic alignment. Learn how to cultivate a customer-centric culture and energize your innovation funnel, bringing unparalleled value to stakeholders in ERP Organizational Change across Private Equity portfolio companies.

by | Jul 25, 2023


Dr. Margaret Gorman

Dr. Margaret Gorman

Vice President, Denison Consulting LLC

Dr. Margaret “Gorman is an experience OD scholar-practioner, consultant and educator focused in the area of transformational change, leadership, culture, and learning within and across workplace systems.  For over three and half decades, Dr. Gorman has guided managers and leaders working in not-for-profit, for profit, education, government, healthcare, financial services, energy, and military organizations to design effective workplace learning systems that enhance the innovative capacity.  Her consulting expertise centers on organizational design, designing change interventions, executive teams and strategy formulation, program evaluation, and individual, group, and organization development. Dr. Gorman received her doctorate in Organizational Studies from GWU in 2004. She’s held faculty positions at George Washington University, Northeastern University, and University of Louisville, teaching executive courses for experienced professionals.

Dr. Gorman served as co-editor of international book series “The Palgrave Studies of Organization in the Digital Era;” she published chapters in “The Palgrave Handbook of Organizational Change Thinkers” and in “Advancing Doctoral Leadership Education.”  She regularly presents at national and international conferences; she serves on various governing boards; has served as a reviewer for the British Journal of Management and Leadership Quarterly, including a special issue on “Leadership and Complexity”; founding member of GW’s Women’s Leadership Institute (2005); founding member of an international network of faculty directors of an alternative doctoral program. She’s received awards for her outstanding service and contribution, including the inaugural recipient of the Academy of Management’s MOC Contribution Award; GWU’s Outstanding Alumni Award; and consecutive nominations for Excellence in Teaching at Northeastern University.


Host & Founding Partner of Nestell & Associates

Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Founding Partner | Nestell & Associates

Dr. Jack G. Nestell is a highly accomplished IT and ERP business advisor, author, and speaker with over 30 years of experience in leadership and implementation of ERP systems across various industries. He is the founding partner of Nestell & Associates, a management and strategy firm that specializes in organizational change, readiness, and ERP implementation. Dr. Nestell is also an accomplished academic researcher who has contributed to ERP research. With his practical expertise and academic knowledge, he provides innovative and proven solutions for his clients.

Episode Mentions

“Management Consulting In The Era of the Digital Organization”,

Episode Highlights Timeline 


Segment 1: Organizational Culture

[07:54]  Margaret, how do you define organizational culture?

[09:01]  Why does organizational culture even matter in large scale organizational change? How do we know? 

Segment 2: Boosting High-Performing Teams

[12:00]  What are your strategies for boosting high-performing teams to accelerate teamwork in the workplace?

[15:04]  How do you measure the effectiveness of these strategies?

Segment 3: Strengthening Clarity & Alignment for Strategy Execution

[18:27]  How do you approach strengthening clarity and alignment within an organization to better execute strategy?

Segment 4: Cultivating Customer-Centric Culture & Celebrating Team Members

[20:32]  In your experience, what are the key elements in cultivating a customer-centric culture, and how does this tie in with celebrating every team member?

[23:00]  Can you share an example of a company that has successfully implemented this approach and the impact it had?

Segment 5: Energizing Innovation Funnel & Collaborative Practices

[25:52] Can you discuss your approach to energizing the innovation funnel and fostering collaborative practices? How do these factors contribute to the overall success of an organization?

[28:14]  Is there a relationship between a positive culture and high-performing organizations and how do we know? 

Golden Nugget

[36:58]  Given all that we’ve discussed today, could you briefly summarize the key takeaways our listeners should remember? And based on these insights, what is the single most valuable piece of advice you would offer our listeners as they navigate their own journeys in organizational transformation?

Are You Ready to Elevate Your Organizational Game and Navigate Change more Effectively?

Our team of experts specializes in boosting high-performing teams, fostering customer-centric cultures, and energizing innovation funnels. We can guide your organization’s transformation journey, empowering you with the tools and strategies you need to accelerate in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn how we can support your team in strengthening clarity and aligning strategies for successful organizational transformation in ERP.

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