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Improving Business Communication

In this episode we dive into a groundbreaking approach that’s at the forefront of improving business communication and leadership: Answer Intelligence, or AQ. This innovative concept is reshaping how we understand and implement effective communication strategies within the business realm.

This approach, rooted in the science of questions and answers, offers a strategic framework for decision-making, leadership, and effective communication. As our business landscapes evolve, understanding and leveraging AQ can be the key to heightened influence and success. Delving into the nuances of AQ is not just enlightening but essential for our listeners involved in Private Equity, M&As, IT governance, and more.

Guest – Business Communication Strategies Expert 

Brian Glibkowski PhD

Brian Glibkowski PhD

Dr. Brian Glibkowski is an author, researcher, and futurist passionate about the role of questions and answers in business and society.

His journey started with his research on questions. He authored an article on questions that has been recognized by the Association of Human Resource Development as one of ten articles that will shape the 21st century. 

During his research on questions, one simple observation stopped him in his tracks. We know a lot about questions. We know very little about answers. In grade school we teach children about questions, not answers. Our children learn about the six wh-questions (why, what when, where, who, how) and they learn about open and closed questions. There is no typology of answers we teach our children. Journalists, physicians, sales reps, executive coaches, and almost all professionals have been trained in questions, not answers. Business books with question in the title outnumber books with answer in the title 3 to 1. 

His new book is Answer Intelligence: Raise Your AQ. The book introduces a new science of answers that is nominated for a 2022 Prose award for professional and scholarly excellence. The book rights have been purchased for translation into multiple languages. The AQ framework has been adopted by universities, including the Imperial College of London Business School (global top 20). Certified AQ Partners from the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, India, and elsewhere use AQ with forward thinking organizations around the world.




Host & Founding Partner of Nestell & Associates

Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Founding Partner | Nestell & Associates

Dr. Jack G. Nestell is a highly accomplished IT and ERP business advisor, author, and speaker with over 30 years of experience in leadership and implementation of ERP systems across various industries. He is the founding partner of Nestell & Associates, a management and strategy firm that specializes in organizational change, readiness, and ERP implementation. Dr. Nestell is also an accomplished academic researcher who has contributed to ERP research. With his practical expertise and academic knowledge, he provides innovative and proven solutions for his clients.

Episode Highlights Timeline 

[04:06]  Segment 1: The Science Behind AQ – Understanding Answer Intelligence (AQ) and Its Impact on Business Leadership
  1. Briefly explain the concept of Answer Intelligence (AQ) and its origins?
  2. Why are the six WH-questions so essential in business communication and decision-making?
  3. How does the AQ framework fit into the broader spectrum of leadership and effective communication?
  4. Your research indicated six answer types, including story, metaphor, and theory. Could you elaborate on how these answers can be used strategically in business scenario?
[12:46]  Segment 2: Elevating Business Communication strategies with AQ
  1. Your book highlights five High AQ practices that distinguish expert communicators. Could you briefly walk us through these practices?
  2. Provide real-life examples from renowned organizations like Salesforce and Boston Mutual Life Insurance, how have these entities leveraged AQ for better outcomes?
  3. The chapters in your book cover various forms of AQ, such as Sales AQ, leadership AQ, customer service AQ, and Coaching AQ. Can you provide our listeners with a sneak peek into how AQ can be tailored to different professional scenarios?
  4.  AQ is a skill that can be developed, but can you tell our listeners more about how they can most effectively benefit from it?
[27:55]  Segment 3: AQ in Action – From Theory and Framework to Practice
  1. How have the principles of AQ played a role in your personal journey as an executive coach?
  2. Can you share a success story where a business leader or organization profoundly benefited from embracing AQ?
  3. For our listeners involved in Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, and IT Governance, how can AQ be a game-changer?
  4. As someone at the forefront of this movement, where do you see the future of AQ, especially in the rapidly evolving business landscape?

Inspired to elevate your organization by Improving Business Communication?

If you’re seeking to enhance your corporate communication skills and implement effective business communication strategies, Nestell & Associates is here to guide you. We specialize in tailoring solutions that address your specific needs in improving business communication. Reach out to us today to see how we can help transform your organization’s communication dynamics and leadership approaches.

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