Episode 9

Team Performance and Organizational Development

Episode 9 Team Performance and Organizational Development Guest Dr. Timo Sandritter

by | Jan 29, 2021

Dr. Timo Sandritter joins us to discuss “Team Performance and Organizational Development”.  In this episode, we will discuss some principles of team performance, organizational development, and performance business intelligence.

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

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Dr. Timo Sandritter

Dr. Timo Sandritter

Dr. Timo Sandritter is Chief People officer at AllCloud and he is President of RippleWorx an organization and product that provides a holistic focus on the cognitive, emotional, and physical wellbeing of an organization’s people. Dr. Timo Sandritter is also a strategic consultant and general advisor for Nestell & Associates.

Dr. Timo Sandritter is an expert in the transitioning of a mix-generational workforce to meet tomorrow’s demands and ensure organizational readiness. Additional, strong track record and expertise in Business Leadership, Organizational Development, and Strategic Planning. Moreover, Dr. Sandritter is recognized by many organizations for successfully building and retaining high- performance teams across multiple industries and driving the internal capabilities of the organizations. 

Dr. Sandritter is a serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of Rippleworx, a technology-focused software offering that provides professional sports teams, military units, and corporations with a performance accelerator platform. Dr. Sandritter also holds multiple master’s and doctoral degrees including a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard University. He serves as an adjunct professor at various universities, is a frequent industry speaker, and serves on multiple boards of directors.

About This Episide

Dr. Sandritter will explain the valuable notion of how your people are your solution. We will further examine how “By providing a holistic focus on the cognitive, emotional, and physical wellbeing of your people, unleash their peak performance.” (rippleworx.com). 

An important aspect of organizational and individual performance is being able to understand and address risks and opportunities. Dr. Sandritter will share his thoughts on how to tactically consider a holistic plan that advocates for individual goals and organizational performance.

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