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Episode 7

A Business Intelligence Game Changer: Radio-frequency identification

Episode 7 A Business Intelligence Game Changer: Radio-frequency identification Guest Gary Moskovciak

by | Jan 13, 2021

In this episode, with Mr. Gary Moskovciak we will discuss the value of RFID as a technological tool in which to provide a competitive advantage through improved business intelligence, but we will also discuss the people and processes required to implement the RFID technology.

A Business Intelligence Game Changer: Radio-frequency identification

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

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Mr. Gary Moskovciak

Mr. Gary Moskovciak

Mr. Moskovciak is SML Group’s Senior Vice President of the Americas

Mr. Moskovciak is a Senior Executive with a proven track record of success with global business development and management. A unique combination of strategic development and execution supported by a strong background in finance, business development, operations and sales. Well-rounded, hands-on executive that leads by example and drives results across functional global and domestic teams. Known for emphasizing staff and resource accountability, leading change, team alignment, cost savings through functional consolidation and leveraging existing infrastructure coupled with a focused strategic commercial strategy. Strong competency in business turnaround with sustained growth and expansion based on nearly 20 years in various executive positions.

About This Episide

This episode will describe RFID, the business value of RFID, and RFID adaption. We will discuss how RFID helps improve business processes, promotes customer quality and delivery, and how RFID saves companies money. Mr. Moskovciak will provide insight on how RFID solutions are designed to improve business intelligence, reporting, and promote operational visibility to known, or unknown, issues. Additionally, Mr. Moskovciak will walk us through the keys of the deployment as RFID can often present a challenge and highly disruptive as it often requires a change in business process, or maybe in business modeling.

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