Episode 6

ERP Organizational Change Success Factors

Episode 6 ERP Organizational Change Success Factors Guest Dr. Justin Goldston

by | Jan 8, 2021

This episode we will explore Dr. Justin Goldston’s research and examination of ERP critical success factors. This episode will also explore “transformational Leadership”, the triad of ERP organizational change, and applying research to practice.

ERP Organizational Change Success Factors

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

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Dr. Justin Goldston

Dr. Justin Goldston

ERP Organizational Change Expert, Professor, Author, and TEDx speaker. Executive Board Member.

Dr. Goldston is an ERP organizational change expert, professor, author, and TEDx speaker. Dr. Goldston is also a certified professional who has developed and executed a comprehensive supply chain strategic plan, resulting in optimal customer satisfaction and profitability for clients around the world. Experienced in consulting, planning, and leadership roles while also being knowledgeable of all aspects associated with Supply Chain Management, Agile Project Management, ERP Implementations, and business functions that are associated with relevant technologies.

About This Episide

While applied research is critical to any field, in the ERP organizational change field, there is a gap between research and practice. While Dr. Goldston is incredibly knowledgeable in supply chain and emerging technologies as well, today we would like to discuss his research and book “Critical Success Factors in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation in US Manufacturing”.  

We will discuss ERP, its value to organizations, and the challenges of successful ERP assimilation. We will examine Dr. Goldston’s work further and explore the “level of consensus among ERP manufacturing consultants as to the desirability and feasibility of critical success factors for ERP implementations”. In his work, informed by literature review, he examined 22 specific critical success factors. We will further discuss these success factors for our listeners. Dr. Goldston will describe the top four success factors based on his work. 

ERP Organizational Change: Challenges and Disruption

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