Episode 19

How The Kirkpatrick Model Enables Optimal Organizational Training Evaluations

The ERP Organizational Change Journal

by | Apr 11, 2021

In this episode, we will discuss “How The Kirkpatrick Model Enables Optimal Organizational Training Evaluations” with Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick. The Kirkpatrick Model has evolved over multiple decades through application by learning and development professionals around the world. Let’s learn more about the new world Kirkpatrick model, and principles of education and training together. 

by Dr. Jack G. Nestell | The ERP Organizational Change Journal Podcast

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This Episodes’ Guest

Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick

Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick

Dr. Kirkpatrick is Senior Consultant for Kirkpatrick Partners.

Jim is a thought leader in training evaluation and the creator of the New World Kirkpatrick Model. Jim consults for Fortune 500 companies around the world including Harley-Davidson, Booz Allen Hamilton, L’Oreal, Clarian, Ingersoll Rand, Honda, the Royal Air Force, and GE Healthcare. Jim has co-written three books with his father, Don Kirkpatrick, the creator of the Kirkpatrick Four Levels. Additionally, he has written three new books with his business partner Wendy: Kirkpatrick Then and Now, Training on Trial, and The Brunei Window Washer: Bringing Business Partnership to Life.

Episode Resources & Links

Kirkpatrick, J. D., & Kirkpatrick, W. K. (2016). Kirkpatrick’s four levels of training evaluation. Association for Talent Development.

You can reach Kirkpatrick Partners at (770) 302-3500 or by email at information@kirkpatrickpartners.com

To join the Kirkpatrick Community and gain access to our free Resources Library containing 100+ items, complete the free, fast registration at kirkpatrickpartners.com.

Kirkpatrick Partners

More About This Episide

We discuss some principles of training that promote team performance and organizational learning.  Dr. Kirkpatrick shares his work and explains why proper effective training, training evaluation, and training application are so critical to meeting desired ERP organizational change business goals. Dr. Kirkpatrick describes the “New World Kirkpatrick Model” which provides the basis for a tactical tool for practical application of training principles based in sound research.

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