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Experienced practitioners and change agents in the field know anecdotally and subjectively that the organizational culture impact on ERP organizational change is significant. As ERP researchers, we too objectively know this to be the case through sound research.  As one of many examples, Shou and Ying (2005) study ERP success and suggest that significant success factors are related to organizational culture such as hostile company culture, unsuitable reporting structure, political pressures, vested interests, and management commitment.  Practitioners and researchers know that ERP assimilation has significant shortcomings and challenges in the people and culture part of the technology, process, people/culture success triad.

Therefore, as practitioners, let’s work to better address the problem and let’s give more consideration to the potential impact of corporate culture. Too many organizations assume too much about their culture. Or, when it comes to ERP organizational change, organizational culture is given little to no real formal and actionable consideration. For starters, let’s assess and measure the corporate culture temperature. And then, take an appropriate response in terms of tangible and concrete action. ERP organizational change is far from just an exercise in technology deployment, business process re-engineering, or project management standards. As practitioners, we need to reflect and approach our trade slightly differently.  Please stay tuned for more……..

As a side note: Check out this great video on culture by Jason Bingham author of “Cultureship: The ACBs of Business Leadership”.

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