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We delve into the intricacies of integrating data into the modern digital landscape. Discover how to unlock the Digital Transformations Value that many leaders are tapping into. Uncover strategies and insights that have a profound impact on harnessing the full potential of digital resources and data, ensuring optimum returns and groundbreaking progress.


Julia Bardmesser

Julia Bardmesser

CEO of Data4Real, LLC,

Julia is CEO of Data4Real, LLC, a Board Advisor to several fintech startups and Chair of Technology Advisory Council of Women Leaders in Data and AI (WLDA).

She is a recognized thought leader in data driven digital transformation with over 25 years of experience in building technology and business capabilities that enable business growth, innovation, and agility. Julia has led transformational initiatives in many financial services companies such as Voya Financial, Deutsche Bank Citi, FINRA, Freddie Mac, and others.

Julia is a much sought-after speaker and mentor in the industry, and she has received recognition across the industry for her significant contributions. She has been named to engatica 2023 list of World’s Top 200 Business and Technology Innovators; received 2022 WLDA Changemaker in AI award; has been named to CDO Magazine’s List of Global Data Power Women three years in the row; named Top 150 Business Transformation Leader by Constellation Research in 2019; and recognized as the Best Data Management Practitioner by A-Team Data Management Insight in 2017.

She holds a Master of Arts in Economics from New York University.


Host & Founding Partner of Nestell & Associates

Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Founding Partner | Nestell & Associates

Dr. Jack G. Nestell is a highly accomplished IT and ERP business advisor, author, and speaker with over 30 years of experience in leadership and implementation of ERP systems across various industries. He is the founding partner of Nestell & Associates, a management and strategy firm that specializes in organizational change, readiness, and ERP implementation. Dr. Nestell is also an accomplished academic researcher who has contributed to ERP research. With his practical expertise and academic knowledge, he provides innovative and proven solutions for his clients.

Episode Highlights Timeline 

[04:11]  Segment 1: The Genesis of Data Strategy in Digital Transformations

  1. Julia, can you share with our listeners what drew you to the world of digital strategy and data management?
  2. How have you seen the role of data evolve in the enterprise space, especially considering your time at leading organizations?
  3. Considering your experience in Artificial Intelligence (AI), how does AI intersect with data in driving digital transformation?
  4. What challenges do CEOs often face when trying to derive value from their data and digital assets?

[14:43]  Segment 2: Practical Insights into Data-Driven Business Strategies – Breakdown between tech and strategy

  1. When thinking about business strategy, how does data become the backbone for decision-making processes?
  2. You’ve worked with and advised several startups. How should emerging businesses approach their data strategies to gain a competitive edge?
  3. I know you look at and define digital transformation and strategy holistically; How do leadership dynamics play a role in shaping and executing a successful digital strategy?

[23:03]  Segment 3: The Future of Data in Digital Transformations and M&As

  1. Given your vast experience, where do you see the future of data-driven digital transformations heading?
  2. With respect to mergers and acquisitions in the private equity sector, how crucial is it for firms to have a robust data strategy? 
  3. What are some emerging data products or tools that leaders/organizations should be aware of in this landscape?

[38:05]  Golden Nugget Question

Julia, as we wrap up our discussion, I always like to ask our guests for a ‘golden nugget.’ Based on everything we’ve discussed today, what’s that one key takeaway, grounded in your knowledge and expertise, that our listeners can adopt to truly help them move the needle forward in their own endeavors?

Seeking to uncover the true Digital Transformations Value in your enterprise?

At Nestell and Associates, we specialize in guiding firms to harness the unparalleled potential of their data and digital strategies. Let’s elevate your business to the forefront of digital innovation.

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