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About Us

Who We Are

As leaders in IT & ERP organizational change in the private equity space, we know how to effectively minimize or eliminate the issues you experience during M&A. With Private Equity Technology Solutions as 100% of our business, we bring a unique approach to ERP that other firms can’t compete with

Industry Leaders in Private Equity IT Consulting

Nestell & Associates is a proven industry leader in private equity IT consulting and ERP organizational change management. As a business-savvy, intelligent, tenured, and highly technical-proficient partner, our team understands the true ROI and EBITDA value that quality business information brings to an investment.

Driving Successful Business Outcomes

We have the talent and experience to guide your business to successful outcomes. Nestell & Associates is a vendor-neutral firm with a focus on organizational culture and business process change.

Mitigating Impact of IT & ERP Projects

We ensure our clients are fully prepared to manage the impact of IT and ERP projects on their workforce, facilitating achievement of successful outcomes.

Support Throughout the Investment Cycle

Our services are designed to support all stages of the investment cycle. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they receive the highest quality support every step of the way.

We take pride in our reputation as a trusted partner to private equity firms and their portfolio companies. Our success is built on our commitment to excellence and our dedication to building lasting relationships with our clients.


What We Do

Our firm specializes in providing private equity firms and their portfolio companies with the guidance, support, and expertise needed to improve their ERP and IT environments and succeed in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape. We excel at organizational change, preparedness, and digital transformation success, embracing the significant challenges inherent in merger and acquisition IT and ERP transformations.


How We Do It

At Nestell & Associates, we take a unique approach to IT and ERP consulting. We focus on a holistic people, process, and technology approach, serving private equity firms exclusively. Our vendor-neutral stance enables us to provide unbiased advice and recommendations, ensuring that our clients get the solutions that best fit their needs. We emphasize organizational change and readiness and base our practice on sound experience and proven research-based principles.


Expert Solutions

We offer solutions for intricate, and often complex, M&A transformations by reducing IT and ERP risks and enhancing business value. Our comprehensive IT & ERP services focus on problem-solving and seamless integration of technical, human, and business elements, ultimately maximizing portfolio value. Our hands-on expert-driven and researched approach effectively tackle potential ERP and IT challenges, guiding companies away from potential pitfalls.



Nestell & Associates specializes in providing M&A ERP and IT consulting services for private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We offer a range of vendor-neutral services to support all stages of the investment cycle.

ERP Organizational Change & ERP Support

ERP success requires that an organization be aware of the potential influences that can lead to success or failure. Success is in the details!  Our team of experts and proven practitioners are highly focused on private equity enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting. We excel at all aspects of ERP organizational change; people, processes, and technology.

IT Consulting, Deployment, and Optimization

We have honed a robust framework, tailor-made to navigate the complexities of IT support for mergers, acquisitions, and digital transformations. Nestell & Associates’ IT consulting services are crafted to turn challenges into opportunities. With our record of proven success, we’re ready to transform your IT landscape.

IT Governance

As governance and leadership experts, we render meticulous IT governance services. Our high-level support is designed to harmonize your business goals with IT service and regulatory requirements, minimize disruptions, and mitigate operational risks. We are your trusted ally for disciplined, transparent, and formal IT practice, ensuring optimal post-implementation performance.


What People are Saying About N&A

Nestell & Associates are very knowledgeable and a true thought leader in the ERP space.

Ralph Berry III
Director at CBIZ MHM, LLC

Anyone looking for a lot of great info about ERP, follow Nestell & Associates. I have worked with Jack for an extended amount of time during an implementation of our ERP and he is incredibly full of knowledge and experience.

Cody Wedig
ERP Project Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of working daily with Jack over nearly two years on implementing, improving, and maintaining our company’s ERP system, business intelligence, and reporting.  He’s been a great mentor and leader, and has been the undeniable key to the success of the ERP system’s implementation.   I know Jack to be a great communicator and organizer, who is highly knowledgeable and insightful in ERP and many other areas of IT.  He is very practical in his approach, emphasizing the importance of aligning company culture and business processes with the ERP system (and vice versa, when appropriate).  Besides that, Jack is just a great person to work with in general, who is trustworthy, open to ideas, and a highly positive influence on the organization.

Steve Staudenmayer
BI/ERP Analyst

To get results, people have to understand, and they need to buy in…. Jack avoids the typical overflow of consulting jargon and instead moves directly to readily absorbable concepts that work.

Doug Schrock
Partner in charge, Consulting Advisory Services, Crowe Horwath

I have had the pleasure of working with Jack Nestell over the past few years on a significant ERP project.  I first met Jack during his ERP evaluation phase and I found him to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the ERP space that I have come across in my career.  He was clear in what he wanted and more clear in how he wanted to manage the implementation of the solution.  Jack employed a methodology during the implementation that led to  successful outcome and a realization of the benefits promised at the outset.  His professional style of leadership was effective as he oversaw resources from his team, the business users and the various vendors.  Always firm and consistent in his direction along with the appropriate amount of flexibility to deal with the day to day issues that you encounter in any sizable project.  Jack is a true ERP professional with the real life success to back up his credentials.  A rare breed.

Paul F. Magel

I have had the pleasure of working with Jack on some very cutting edge enterprise technology projects.  I have found his team building / collaborative / pragmatic approach to leading these projects to be quite unique and invaluable in helping the team obtain its objectives.  All of these challenging projects had multiple stakeholders and Jack’s ability to conduct the “orchestra” is quite impressive. I hope to work with Jack on projects in the future.

Dean Frew
CTO/SVP RFID Solutions SML Group

First off, I sincerely enjoy our working with Jack. His work is honest and quality work. He understands the key issues for success in implementations and stays focused on them through to completion. He has a very good knowledge of business processes and how computers and information technology in general can be applied in an effective manner.

John Leibert
President/CEO Factivity, Inc.

Lucidity had the pleasure of working with Jack on a mission critical, 5-month ERP transformation that was very successful. From the onset, Jack took an “out of the box” approach that allowed him and team to navigate many of the normal constraints on such an aggressive timeline for this transformation. What was accomplished with Jack under his leadership was remarkable and industry-leading, and his ability to do “more with less” was an illustration for us all to learn from. Lucidity teamed with Jack to help him deliver on time, within budget, and meet the boldest expectations for his business – no production downtime, no lost sales revenue, no orders unfulfilled, no negative change in customer relationships, no changes in shipping expectations, and many more. Jack is an authentic, thoughtful CIO with a passion for doing things different for his business and his track record proves that…with this project just being another illustration of his capabilities and skills. We were excited to be his business partner and look forward to working with him for many years to come.

Clint Brice
Chief Executive Officer - Lucidity Consulting Group

Complacency is the enemy of change. When companies are at the crossroads of a significant change such as a new ERP system, complacency becomes a primary obstacle. Jack has an immense ability to break down that obstacle to progress the project while aligning stakeholders. His extensive background in IT provides him the ability to be process focused while conveying his message from a pragmatic approach. Being a senior leader of SML, I was fortunate to experience Jack’s methodical approach. His ability to connect with non-IT centric leaders and provide a thorough understanding of the objectives, approach, obstacles and solutions, helps lead a successful roll out. Anyone that has worked with Jack would quickly attest to his passion, determination and assurance.

Gary Moskovciak
Senior Vice President - Americas SML USA

In my experience, getting people to understand and embrace the change is generally the most significant challenge of major undertakings. I’ve consistently seen Jack move large teams with his up-front, no nonsense approaches that brings confidence that the initiative is actually going to work.

Doug Schrock
Partner in charge, Consulting Advisory Services, Crowe Horwath

Leading large-scale organizational transformation has been at the center of my entire career. Like any leadership role it can be a lonely business. Imagine my surprise and delight to find someone with Jack’s knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm who truly gets it to work alongside! Jack is a consummate professional and in the time I have known him I have already learned that he delivers results for all things ERP related. There is no substitute for the kind of expertise that Jack brings to bear in the successful and lean implementation of ERP systems.

Ron West, Corporate Transformation
Author of “Corporate Caterpillars”

Lean and ERP, can they co-exist? Should they co-exist? Jack has the experience and background to answer these questions and to tie these 2 powerful philosophies and tools together toachieve efficient results and to only do what matters. As an IT professional, his personal interest in understanding Lean concepts and the application of those concepts make him a great systems implementation partner.

Doug Blanchard
Managing Director - The ProAction Group

My entire development, implementation and support teams have worked with Jack on some difficult and challenging projects over the past several years. As President of FACTIVITY, it is my personal observation that Jack’s discipline, experience, and value-added approach offers an insight and perspective that even experienced professionals can learn from.

John Leibert
President/CEO - Factivity, Inc.

Jack has put together a transcript that we can all learn from in the industry. What he did during the ERP transformation captured the essence of what everyone tries to achieve, but so few rarely do. Through his leadership and passion, the industry can see an illustration of a different way to approach these types of transformations and the ability to do “more with less” while still being wildly successful. Jack has unique capabilities and skills, and we are excited he has decided to share his story with the market.

Clint Brice
Chief Executive Officer - Lucidity Consulting Group

I have been working with Jack for the past couple of years and have had the privilege of providing him with some great resources when needed. I have seen firsthand how well Jack manages and executes large, complex and time sensitive ERP initiatives. Jack’s success comes from not only his passion, energy and insightfulness but also how he puts as much emphasis on the human element and creating the right culture as he does with making sure he has the right technical skillset on each and every project.

Chris Borsini
Oxford International

“I met Jack in January 2013 while he was managing an-going ERP implementation at his current manufacturing concern. He clearly indicated the urgency facing his concern and the need to “turn on” the solution in January 2013. Although there were a number of shortcomings that required immediate attention, Jack established a team of resources and a plan to correct the shortcomings and bring to pass a first class solution for the company.

Impressive was Jack’s attention to details and his concern on the impact that it would have on the human element. Training, assignment and ownership of business processes, changes to the roles from past to future was of utmost importance to him.

His ability to work through these elements and establish a sense of confidence that individuals can move forward and the “change” would be beneficial to all was amazing.

Justo Beauchamp
President - JBM2 Consulting

Jack has been a panelist for us and has provided input on our research. I am looking forward to seeing the results of his book

Amanda Robinson
Manage CIO Advisory at Info-Tech Research Group

I have had the pleasure of working on one of my most memorable and successful 5 Month Rapid implementation projects led by Jack. It was an amazing experience to see how his positive energy and ‘gung ho’ approach literally charged each one of us on the implementation team daily.  Besides his dedication to work and positive attitude, he has exceptional motivational and team building skills. There is a lot to learn from Jack!

Upendra Kulkarni
President MMBC Consulting, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Jack Nestell over the past few years on a significant ERP project. I first met Jack during his ERP evaluation phase and I found him to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the ERP space that I have come across in my career. He was clear in what he wanted and more clear in how he wanted to manage the implementation of the solution. Jack employed a methodology during the implementation that led to successful outcome and a realization of the benefits promised at the outset. His professional style of leadership was effective as he oversaw resources from his team, the business users and the various vendors. Always firm and consistent in his direction along with the appropriate amount of flexibility to deal with the day to day issues that you encounter in any sizable project. Jack is a true ERP professional with the real life success to back up his credentials. A rare breed.

Paul F. Magel
President - Applications and Technology Outsourcing - COMPUTER GENERATED SOLUTIONS INC.

I have known Jack for several years. I appreciate his passion for his work and his research and his enthusiasm to share that passion with academic colleagues and practitioners. Jack places great value on understanding, sharing, and applying sound proven research ideas to his field. This truly is a differentiator.

Kevin Brever
Principal (Retired) St. Paul Elementary School Louisville, KY

Jack is deeply committed to maximizing the effectiveness of ERP systems and strategies. Having the opportunity to teach Jack, I’ve seen firsthand how he couples his own expertise and depth of ERP experience with research-based principles related to effective organizational change. Not only is he dedicated to the success of his own work, but he has a genuine passion to transform the field by sharing best practices broadly with clients, colleagues, and other practitioners.

Dr. Courtney L. Malloy
Malloy Research Consulting

Jack has a boundless desire to see organizations succeed. It is important for leaders to learn about their organizations and utilize applied research to address the challenges they face for sustainable improvement; this skill and approach sets Jack apart. His passion coupled with knowledge towards his field of digital transformation is quite admirable.

Dr. Eric A. Canny
University of Southern California

Jack was able to gather and effectively communicate information in an organized labor environment. He  was able to dissect our systems, correct, and distribute information in a more effective manner, much like a surgeon.

J. R. Bray Jr.
United Steelworkers, Unit President

Nestell & Associates provides quality service and exceptional knowledge.

Joseph Mallak
Private Equity Chairman of the Board, Operating Partner, President, and CEO

I have spent 30 years of my career often engaged as an interim C level manager. Several of these assignments included ERP installations, for a variety of reasons.  I met Jack while serving as interim CEO  at a company that was carved out of a large public entity by a PE.  Jack immediately impressed me with his organizational skills in planning the installation. Then, his technical know- how was augmented with his ability to communicate both up and down the organization, he dealt with resistance intellectually rather than emotionally, constantly adjusted the schedule to account for surprises while maintaining the schedule, and did all this with integrity and transparency.  The most successful ERP installation I have ever witnessed.

Don Martin
Principal D. R. Martin & Associates

In the private equity world, success depends on having trusted partners whose expertise and commitment to client service is unquestionable. For the last 10 years, Jack has been our go-to partner for all of our enterprise-level technology needs.  He has mentored, advised, and worked with a number of our portfolio companies at a variety of levels – from establishing employee technology support/Help Desk services to leading full-scale ERP integration and implementations.  Jack is a core member of our investment diligence and management network and a trusted partner in making sure technology is an enabler of business transformation and innovation within all of our organizations.

Nathan Richey
Managing Partner, Bestige Holdings

I had the pleasure of working with Jack Nestell over a full ERP implementation as part of a corporate divestiture.  Jack’s hands-on approach truly benefited the company, as his recommendations and our strategy were driven by a bottoms-up understanding of the business.  In addition to leading the entire process, Jack worked with key functional leaders throughout the business to ensure that all business needs were contemplated.  I would welcome an opportunity to work with Jack again in the future.

Joe Choorapuzha
Incline Equity Partners, Partner

“Nestell & Associates is committed to excellence and dedicated to their clients. Their knowledge of ERP organizational change is unsurpassed.”

Raed Yaghnam
Founder and Group CEO - Wasita Group. United Arab Emirates

“Dr. Nestell and  Nestell & Associates are superstars in the ERP organizational change world!”

Dr. Timo Sandritter

“Nestell & Associates did a high quality and very professional job, demonstrating competency and knowledge in their area of expertise. Highly recommended!”

Rodrigo Andrade
Marine Global Director, ABS Group

“It is a pleasure working with Nestell & Associates, highly recommended!”

Steve Bentson
Private Equity fractional CEO

“It was a pleasure working with Nestell & Associates. Professional, quality deliverable, and great PE acumen.”

Douglas Song
Prodos Capital

“We really enjoyed working with Nestell & Associates in our most recent due diligence process. The team did a great job of providing a thorough recommendation to us in a timely manner even with limited information from the sellers. It’s clear they have numerous years of experience in the space and know how to operate at the speed of a deal process.”-

Mike Lazarczyk
Turnout Industries

“It was a pleasure to work with Nestell & Associates. Top-notch professionals!”

Claude L. Levesque, Chief Financial Officer
Private Equity Portfolio

“In my role as a global ERP leader for HB Fuller and collaborative senior IT leader, I often look for outside perspectives on how to educate an organization on their enterprise resource planning journeys. This podcast’s approach of “listen, learn, and implement” gives a leader like me practical examples and skills to leverage from thought leaders in this field. In addition, the principles discussed can be applied to ERP as well as any business software that will support the enterprise. The one main takeaway I gain from this podcast on a recurring basis is that it constantly resets my perspective to look at my deliverables through my stakeholders’ eyes, and what value they bring to the organization.”

13 go-to podcasts that inspire IT industry leaders today

Nicholas Jackson
Global ERP Director at HB Fuller

What do Private Equity and Nestell & Associates have in common?

Our business and operating model is very much like a Private Equity firm. We are strategic but also in the trenches with our PE partners for the full investment cycle from pre-LOI to exclusivity, to post-acquisition. Nestell & Associates’ primary goal is solving real, and not perceived, issues in assuring organizational change success. We are invested in our Private Equity partners and we are highly motivated to contribute to and create a vibrant, healthy, and sustainable business.

At Nestell & Associates, we are exclusively focused on Private Equity. We understand the ultimate value of reliable, accurate, and timely business information for your portfolio companies. The mechanisms for delivering that sound business intelligence are in the form of cost-effective and efficient IT and ERP management and practice. We also understand that to be effective, IT and ERP solutions require the proper people, processes, and support.

As Private Equity is 100% of our business, we understand the “pain points” and therefore, from concept to strategy, to tactical action, to measurement, we know how to effectively mitigate, eliminate, or minimize the pain points. The key to Private Equity success is not to only try to prevent any/all issues and challenges (that’s impossible), but also to handle them appropriately by knowing and addressing the root issues when they rise to the surface.

Nestell & Associates is dedicated to your success! 

Our team of IT and ERP experts excels at organizational change, preparedness, and digital transformation success. We embrace the significant challenges inherent in merger and acquisition IT and ERP transformations. We’ve built a solid framework of effective practices with proven successes. Our services are designed to provide private equity firms and their portfolio companies with the guidance, support, and expertise needed to improve their ERP and IT environments and succeed in an evolving business landscape. Nestell & Associates supports each stage of the investment cycle, and you can count on our expertise in assisting our partners in solving often difficult ERP and IT challenges.

We believe that our commitment to private equity exclusively, vendor neutrality, and organizational culture, change, and readiness sets us apart from other IT and ERP consulting firms.”

Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Founding Partner , Nestell & Associates


Complex transformational M&A Initiatives can have a significant impact on portfolio organizational capital (time, money, and effort). We help manage complex transformational M&A initiatives and de-risk IT and ERP implementations for companies in order to maximize business value. We do this through strategic IT and ERP advisement, analysis, planning, selection, implementation, and support. IT and ERP implementations are a high-risk undertaking that can threaten portfolio business value and exits. Without careful planning and stakeholder buy-in, IT and ERP platform implementations can destabilize workflows and increase operational risk. Our principals' hands-on insight and industry-leading research help steer firms away from ERP and IT mishaps. Nestell & Associates makes holistic organizational change central to its work so that all operations—technical, human, and business—synchronize to maximize portfolio business value.

Mutual Success

Our Value To Our Private Equity Partners

Comprehensive Investment Cycle Understanding

We understand the full investment cycle from LOI, to due diligence, to transition, to exit. Contributing to a healthy, vibrant, and competitive portfolio company requires short-, mid-, and long-term strategy. We focus on preventing failure and properly mitigating investment risk with sound practice.

Partnering for Success with Specialized Support

We appreciate that private equity firms want an IT and ERP support partner that can speak their language and is vested in the organization’s success. As a highly specialized niche firm, our investment to your success is dedicated and unequivocal."

Capturing and Leveraging Organizational Synergies

We help capture and leverage organizational synergies, understand the value of integration of resources, standardization, consolidated and accurate financials, timely operation KPIs, resource constraints, project fallacy, improved governance, and management practices, and we understand exit strategies that create value.

Driving Organizational Change & Efficiency

We know that sometimes remaining competitive and healthy requires significant organizational change. We also realize that accurate and timely business information is crucial to decision making which means that effective IT and efficient ERP assimilation are significant change agents of success and EBITDA goals."

Managing IT and ERP as Catalysts for Change

We know that IT and ERP are both change agents to drive organizational improvements and to create or maintain a competitive advantage. However, we are aware of the many operational complexities, challenges, and constraints during M&A activity.

Addressing Real Issues for Organizational Change

"We know that “ERP transactions are dollars”. We appreciate that private equity firms and their portfolio companies don’t like surprises. N&A is focused on solving real, and not perceived, issues in assuring organizational change success."

Committed to Mutual Success

We understand that our success supports the next fund. We are “all in” to your success!"

Unique Approach

Nestell & Associates Differentiators

Our approach has been proven to be successful time and time again. By focusing on these key areas, we've helped our clients achieve their IT and ERP business objectives from improving IT security to managing complex ERP transformational M&A initiatives. At Nestell & Associates, we're committed to building trusted relationships with our clients and providing the highest quality services you can count on.

Beyond Technology

We understand that successful Information Technology and ERP goes way beyond technology. Successful IT and ERP assimilation requires that the appropriate process and people factors are also considered. Nestell & Associates has a holistic people, process, and technology approach. At Nestell & Associates, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to IT and ERP consulting.

Vendor Neutrality

We are vendor neutral, which means that we don't have any affiliations with specific IT or ERP vendors or suppliers. This enables us to provide unbiased advice and recommendations to our clients, ensuring that they get the solutions that best fit their needs. Nestell & Associates has worked deeply within the PE community to mitigate risk and deliver business value through our objective, balanced, and unbiased services.

Research-Focused Success

Our approach is based on proven research-based principles rather than fads, ensuring effective results across various contexts.

Highly Qualified, Experienced, & Professional Team

The difference-maker is our experienced team that collectively understands the issues and prepares extensively to counter emergent problems in any IT or ERP endeavor. We have had great successes, yet we understand that every project has its own unique life and we fully appreciate this. Every team member is highly dedicated and committed to your success. Our team demonstrates excellence, professionalism and we strive to empower our clients. And, we live up to our "Guiding Principles" (!

Private Equity Exclusive

We specialize in serving private equity firms and we understand their unique challenges and opportunities. We are one of the only IT consulting and ERP organizational change and management firms focused exclusively on private equity. Our team consists of true experts, pioneers, and proven practitioners in the field of organizational change and ERP implementation.We specialize in serving private equity firms and their portfolio companies exclusively. Our team has a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that private equity firms face and can provide the expert IT services necessary to support their business objectives.

Organizational Change, Culture & Readiness

We assess organizational culture, evaluate readiness for change, and develop strategies for managing the impact of IT and ERP projects on the workforce. We believe that organizational culture, change, and readiness are critical components of any successful IT or ERP project. We work closely with our clients to assess their organizational culture, evaluate their readiness for change, and develop strategies for managing the impact of IT and ERP projects on their workforce.

Academic Approach to Assessment & Due Diligence

We use sound qualitative and quantitative examination to provide unbiased and objective results and recommendations to our partners.

ERP Organizational Change Research

We are serious about your ERP success! This is why we love to share ERP critical success factors in our blog and podcast. We at Nestell & Associates draw on knowledge from extensive research and practitioner expertise of both project successes and failures. Let us help deliver your next project success.

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Our Valued Partners



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Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.

-  Howard Stevenson, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

We are BIG supporters of youth education and mentorship...

Nestell & Associates believes strongly in promoting our guiding principles. Giving to our communities is at the core of our values. Our team supports two organizations that focus on youth education and mentorship and nutrition. Nestell & Associates pledges to support BBBS and Unicef!