Artificial Intelligence and the future of ERP organizational change is an interesting topic. In terms of artificial intelligence (AI) in general, here is a thought-provoking, interesting, and maybe provocative, quote for you.

I can visualize a time in the future when we will be to robots as dogs are to humans.”
-Claude Shannon (Taken from “Mind, Machines and Human Consciousness”, Dr. Robert L. Nadeau, 1991)

Artificial IntelligenceAs we discussed in a previous post, “Technology and the Future of ERP Organizational Change”, 10/27/20, Nestell & Associates will be further examining and discussing advanced and emerging technologies. While the team here spends a great deal of time discussing, researching, learning, and sharing information on emerging technologies specifically in the context of ERP organizational change and ERP solutions, we are certainly not “mind” and “consciousness” experts. While there have been many articles, opinions, and thoughts on this specific topic (AI and human consciousness), this specific quote shared out to our team from a book Dr. Nestell read nearly 30 years ago…well, catches your attention.

While it is a dated book (especially within the field of AI it is antiquated), it is an educational read for anyone interested in learning more about artificial intelligence and human consciousness ideas, notions, and evolution of the field. This book by Dr. Nadeau is worth the read in order to provide some historical context and insight into the evolution and advancement of AI. Combined with an understanding of the current status of AI, this book will help provide retrospect and context as to how much AI has advanced. And, understanding where AI was and where AI currently is, will help understand where it could potentially be going. Over the next several weeks in our posts and in our podcast, “The ERP Organizational Change Journal”, we will continue to examine AI in the context of ERP systems and ERP organizational change specifically.

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Mind, Machines and Human Consciousness (Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1991). This book evaluates the present state of artificial intelligence computing in an effort to assess the efficacy of the claim by many cognitive scientists that consciousness is evolving on artificial substrates. The book predicts that a computer will be able to pass the Turing test in the foreseeable future and effectively simulate the cognitive and emotional processes of a conscious human being. But the case is also made that a proper understanding of the prior conditions of human consciousness in a quantum mechanical universe will force us to conclude that a conscious computer cannot be viewed as conscious in the same sense that human beings are conscious.

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Dr Robert Nadeau, Professor Emeritus at George Mason University, has attempted throughout his career to bridge the knowledge gap between what British physicist and novelist C. P. Snow termed the two-cultures of humanists-social scientists and scientists-engineers. Nadeau created and directed four academic departments and programs that specialize in interdisciplinary studies and has published ten books that deal with a wide variety of subject fields on both sides of the two-culture divide.”

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