Meet Our ERP Consulting Team

Dr. Jack G. Nestell

Founding Partner<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Dr. Daniel R. Denison

• Organizational Development Advisor for Nestell & Associates<br /> • Chairman | Founding Partner of Denison Consulting<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Dr. Matthew V. Brown

Director of Strategic Organizational Development<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Donald Bassler

Business Development and Customer Service Strategic Advisor<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Dr. Timo Sandritter

Strategic Consultant<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Dr. David Olson

Strategic Consultant<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Jill Sullivan

<span color="#333333" style="color: #333333;"><span>Project Strategist</span></span><br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Donald R. Martin

<span color="#333333" style="color: #333333;">General Advisor</span><br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

William Powell

Senior Managing Director<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Brandon Wood

<span color="#333333" style="color: #333333;"><span>Strategic Sales & Marketing Advisor</span></span><br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Dr. Justin Goldston

Senior Managing Director & ERP Organizational Change Consultant and Researcher<br /><i>(Read more…)</i>

Brian Harris

Chief Financial Officer/PE Lead Financial Advisor<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Tamara McMahon

Administrative Assistant/Account Manager<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>
Dr. Liz Bywater

Dr. Liz Bywater

Strategic Partner<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Chris Borsini

Project Resource Manager<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>
Lou Hanoute - Telecommunications Manager - Nestell & Associates

Lou Hanoute

T<span>elecommunications Manager</span><br /><i>(Read more…)</i>
Jake Nestell

Jake Nestell

Project <span>Manager</span><br /><i>(Read more…)</i>

John M. Bielecki

<span color="#333333" style="color: #333333;"><span>Senior ERP Project Manager</span></span><br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Hemant Chhibber

<span>Developer & Business Intelligence Lead</span><br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

Rob Rowe

IT Presales Director/Solutions Architect Advisory<br /> <i>(Read more…)</i>

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Nestell & Associates is a proven industry leader, providing private equity consulting for merger and acquisition and digital transformation leadership. Our advisory, private equity ERP consulting services can take your business to the next level.