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We provide digital transformation solutions for your organization to improve efficiency, build brand integrity and help you move your business forward. Nestell & Associates offers full-scale digital transformation consulting services for companies in the U.S. and around the world.

We Execute End-to-End Digital Transformation Strategies

Our team will prepare and implement digital transformation technologies using our proven process of cultural assessment and readiness, business due diligence, enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection, training and go-live support.

Full Scale Digital Transformations

Proven Methods Based on Core Principles

At Nestell & Associates, we understand that every organizational context is different, and our methods allow for that. We don’t attempt to apply the same boilerplate to every organizational context. Although we use the same project management mechanics and core principles, we modify our digital transformation services to match the unique dynamics of each organization.

Allowing for Success and Failure Factors During Digital Transformation

Based on practitioner experience coupled with applied research, we understand that each large-scale ERP digital transformation initiative has a long line of success–or failure–factors that impact the outcome. The emphasis and/or “pain point” given to each one of these influences could vary significantly from one organization to the next. Rather than catering our projects to align with a rigid boilerplate approach, our digital transformation consulting services address the very specific needs, gaps and strengths of your organization.

Case Studies as a Tool

There are general themes that occur as common denominators that can be applied across varying organizational contexts and industries. Understanding and reviewing case studies help us as digital transformation practitioners to shed light on perceived issues, strengths and gaps in an organization — and the real and root issues that drive potential organizational disconnects during a large-scale ERP initiative.

Choose Reliable Digital Transformation Consulting Services from Nestell & Associates

More than a provider, at Nestell & Associates, we combine the power of digital transformation strategy with consulting services to provide solutions to your organization. We’re your partner in formulating a plan that will boost your business and promote a bright future. Get in touch so we can discuss your digital transformation today.

Is There a Merger or Acquisition in Your Future?

Nestell & Associates offers board advisory and portfolio coaching. We reassure boards that their portfolios are healthy and ready for what lies ahead.

Need Just a Little Help?

We can partner with your IT team to perform a digital transformation rescue. Sometimes, all you need is a little expert advice from someone who’s been there.

Is Your Hardware Up to Speed?

At Nestell & Associates, our digital transformation services include IT hardware services and support. We’re perfectly positioned to provide guidance with performance, security and redundancy audits to ensure the successful delivery of IT infrastructure and services.

What People Are Saying

In the private equity world, success depends on having trusted partners whose expertise and commitment to client service is unquestionable. For the last 10 years, Jack has been our go-to partner for all of our enterprise-level technology needs.  He has mentored, advised and worked with a number of our portfolio companies at a variety of levels – from establishing employee technology support/Help Desk services to leading full-scale ERP integration and implementations.  Jack is a core member of our investment diligence and management network and a trusted partner in making sure technology is an enabler of business transformation and innovation within all of our organizations.

Drew Frew

DCTO/SVP RFID Solutions, SML Group

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Board Advisory & Portfolio Coaching

Mergers and acquisitions can be a challenging endeavor, we help alleviate the concerns.


  • Partner with Board and portfolio executive teams.
  • Help assure boards that their portfolios are culturally healthy and prepared for change.
  • Participate in the Board of Directors meetings to help ensure proper organizational change as well as IT/ERP alignment, preparation, and support.
  • Offer innovative, creative, and effective approaches to organizational change and leadership.
ERP Resources & PE Portfolio Human Capital Services

We understand the value of great resources. Often during a merger and acquisition or an IT or ERP project, organizations require some additional support whether via permanent hire or outside partner help. We can assist with both.

We provide professional service staff augmentation in a way that best supports your business.

Project Plans & Review

Our team provides support for the creation of effective project plans. We sit on Steering Committee teams and provide a second set of eyes to help validate organizational change, IT, and ERP project plans.

 “Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s” is how we help when it comes to your project plans. We have project strategist, certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), and Six Sigma Black Belts that ensure the proper tactical project delivery.

Nestell & Associates leverages proven methodologies to effectively identify, strategize, communicate, and execute tactical desired end results and impact.

Full-Scale Digital Transformations

We execute end-to-end ERP implementations.

Our team will prepare an organization and execute a successful project through our proven process of cultural assessment and readiness, business due diligence, ERP selection, training, and go-live support.

Digital Transformation Rescue

Need a hand with your current ERP organizational change project? Allow our team of proven experts to support and compliment your team.

Speaking Engagements

For several years, our team has been practicing, studying, and researching organizational change and ERP success. Therefore, we know the case studies, models, survey instruments, statistics, success stories, and horror stories. Let us share what we have learned with you.

Whether you are just kicking off a new organizational change or ERP project, in the middle of an existing project, or looking for personal or corporate development opportunities, these speaking engagements will be of interest to you.

We have designed our Speaking Engagements to be value-added, interesting, and fun.

Our speakers provide a unique and compelling perspective on organizational change and ERP success, emphasizing factors not often found in current books or case studies on the subject. That’s why we are certain you will discover our organizational change and ERP success factors to be true differentiators in your digital transformation project.

Organizational Change/Culture/Readiness Assessment

We believe dealing with and addressing the human element on projects is critical. Communicating the realistic expectations, the effort needed, and challenges with change acceptance take methodical work.

Sometimes challenges can be due to an individual or to general corporate cultural considerations. as well, sometimes project challenges are due to “siloed” views. That is, time and attention need to be given to make sure that the big picture is understood. So, to channel and avoid such project challenges requires consistent, constant, and considerate corporate leadership and expertise.

Ron J. West has written a great book on business transformation and corporate culture, Corporate Caterpillars: How to Grow Wings, which states:

“There has been much written about corporate leadership. Thought leaders are stressing the importance of leading with heart and mind. What this means is simply that it is not enough to think new thoughts and convey them to your followers. For others to follow, they need to feel emotionally involved.

As a leader, you must be emotionally invested in the change to be recognized as authentic. Once again it is the alignment of our entire way of being that yields impactful results and accomplishes the change to move us to where we want to be. In a way, the transformation of the individual or the enterprise is a process of alignment.”

IT Hardware Services and Support

ERP organizational change can be a significant IT technical challenge.

Integrating and providing IT infrastructure and systems due diligence within our ERP organizational change plans is a niche we have carved out. As well, we assist in security, performance, and redundancy audits. Ensuring proper, professional, and successful delivery of IT services and infrastructure.

Nestell & Associates works with our partner Vista IT Group who is uniquely equipped with certified engineers, warehouse facilities, and logistics expertise. This business model can quickly respond to the ever-changing technology needs of its customers.  

We work together to ensure and to provide a broad range of programs and professional services to help integrate strategies around its customers’ ERP, information technology, data, and lifecycle management needs.

About Nestell & Associates

Nestell & Associates is a strategy and management firm. We can help you take your portfolio companies to the next level by demonstrating how to execute a scalable, methodical, and disciplined approach to digital transformation success.

Merger and acquisition ERP digital transformations can be a significant challenge. But a solid framework is built on good practices with proven success. We have a successful track record with integrations, upgrades, mergers, and acquisitions, and we want to share our methods with you.

Our leadership experience in organizational change, information technology, ERP, and digital transformation crosses multiple industries.

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