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A Message from Jack

I want to take a moment to personally welcome you to our website. Over the last several years as a practitioner and student of the field, it has been my mission to study organizational change, effective leadership, and digital transformations. I am fascinated by the varying degrees of success of digital transformation projects and the factors that drive the outcome. During my journey, I have been fortunate to become great friends with many professional colleagues including business leaders, innovators, PE founders, investors, ERP professionals, business owners, CxOs, Ph.D. students, professors, and end-users—and more importantly, some incredible human beings. Their feedback, encouragement, opinions, frustrations, perspectives, and good and not-so-good organizational and digital transformation experiences have driven my desire to build this site and share knowledge.

Making a Difference

The ERP business has its share of significant problems that can’t be denied. However, these problems can be addressed by improved and objective collaboration. There is a long way to go in this effort, but we are helped by academia providing more and more research in this area. Nestell & Associates believes in the importance and value of cooperative learning—that is, the notion that organizational success will be increased with an improved relationship between practice and applied research.

Nestell & Associates want to share our experiences, good and bad, with your organization so that you can realize success. As with any aspect of our lives, if you do something long enough, you make mistakes, but you capitalize on each and every challenge and lessoned learned. You incorporate these lessons learned into your “success model” to get better and to make those around you better. Business and personal growth is all about sharing, collaborating, and learning from each other. After nearly 28 years in the organizational change, IT, and ERP business, I know I still can learn from others, and we can offer our experiences to you as well.

We are dedicated to successful projects and to the professionals working hard for project success.

Now let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!

My Philosophy

In a time of constantly evolving technology, in addition to resource, time, and budget constraints, meeting PE business requirements is challenging. Successful digital transformation requires not only the right solution but also a team with experiences, skillsets, methods, and resources to deliver on that right solution. The right solution and ability to deliver are two different aspects of organizational change and digital transformation success. We want to be your vendor-neutral business partner because we can help assure your success. My philosophy is simple: If we can contribute to your success, we will be successful.

My Focus

My focus has been and will continue to be on lean, effective, and efficient digital transformations. A successful project requires many elements to work together. You need a solid plan, but a solid plan means little if you can’t execute against it. Without the right resources, trying to execute that plan is challenging. No matter your project size, budget, or complexity, Nestell & Associates will prove to be an asset to your success. Go with the experience, tools, methods, and resources that will deliver results.

Adding Value for You

It’s all about adding value for you, your project, and your organization. It’s all about proven results. Our business model is one that allows us to be competitive, flexible, and responsive to our clients. No matter who you are, what company you work for, the experience or skill of your management team, every project has gaps and disconnects. We effectively bridge those gaps.

I want Nestell & Associates to do the following for your organization:

  • Share not only our experiences, but also the experience and research of others who are proven career professionals in PE digital transformations, strategic human capital management, effective organizational change, and leadership
  • Shed light on the reality of these projects through years of “been there done that.”
  • Minimize project gaps, risks, and disconnects that exist in each and every ERP and IT project.
  • Share all the data, best practices, and case studies to enhance the success of your business

More About Jack

Dr. Jack G. Nestell has served as Global CIO, Board Member and Advisor, Executive Director of IT, Vice President of IT, and IT Security Officer.

Coach /Advisor

As an IT and ERP business advisor and ERP speaker, Dr. Jack Nestell has nearly three decades of business and information technology leadership experience across multiple industries. Jack has a proven and successful track record with ERP organizational change and digital transformations and has garnered industry respect for his dedication to his clients and his trade.  By leveraging best practices, experience, collaborative learning, reflection, common sense, and practice founded in principle with solutions and methodologies, Jack illustrates proven success.


As an ERP practitioner as well as an ERP researcher and academic, Jack contributed as an article reviewer for the “Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce’” and provides peer review and contribution for ERP research, books, and articles. Dr. Nestell received his Doctorate from the University of Southern California where he is studied ERP organizational change success models.


Dr. Jack G. Nestell Founder, Nestell & Associates

Maintaining an effective culture is so important that it, in fact, trumps even strategy.

-  Howard Stevenson, Professor Emeritus at Harvard University

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