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Nestell & Associates would like to welcome our friend and colleague to our team, Dr. Liz Bywater 

Dr. Liz BywaterAt N&A we place great emphasis on the “human element” of ERP organizational change. ERP organizational change goes far beyond just being an IT and/or PMO project. Successful ERP organizational change starts with the executive team and the organizational culture. That is, for one, why our ERP organizational change approach includes an organizational assessment first and foremost. In partnership with our friends and colleagues at Denison Consulting, a pioneer in the space of organizational culture and leadership, we utilize their industry-leading Denison Organizational Culture Survey to understand the temperature and dynamics that exist within our clients’ organizations. After all, it is difficult to fix what you don’t measure and can’t easily see. This especially goes for the more abstract and intangible influences such as organizational culture and leadership. After you assess organizational culture, then you need to execute for opportunities to improve.

Dr. Liz Bywater joins the N&A team as a strategic partner and trusted advisor, friend, and colleague. As such, she will support the rest of the N&A team and create dramatic value for our clients through her robust thought leadership and insight. Liz will provide strategic guidance to our clients and drive value as one of N&A’s “boots on the ground” organizational leadership experts.

An undeniable and significant influence on successful ERP organization change is organizational leadership and culture. N&A believes that creating a corporate culture consisting of a cohesive relationship with all stakeholder groups is critical. Liz has joined us to support and advance that mission.

Dr. Bywater’s Bio: 

Dr. Liz Bywater is a uniquely qualified leadership expert who works at the intersection of business and psychology. She combines deep expertise in human behavior and organizational effectiveness, a pragmatic mindset, and an engaging personal style to help clients excel in an increasingly complex world. Liz brings a rapidly actionable framework for success, which is captured in her new book, Slow Down to Speed Up: Lead, Succeed and Thrive in a 24/7 World.

C-suite leaders, private equity partners, and corporate boards enlist Liz’s help to: accelerate profitable growth, drive rapid success of mergers, acquisitions, and organizational transformations, navigate high stakes leadership transitions, establish stellar customer relationships, supercharge innovation, increase strategic agility, eliminate fire-fighting, and reap the rewards of extraordinary collaborations and partnerships.

Dr. Bywater is a leadership columnist for Life Science Leader and provides expert commentary for the Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, FierceCEO and other top media outlets. She sits on the Editorial Advisory Board for Life Science Leader and has been a featured guest on CBS’s Philadelphia Agenda, Remarkable Women and a host of top leadership podcasts. She is a popular keynote speaker and long-standing member of the American Psychological Association and the Million Dollar Consulting® Hall of Fame.

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