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Dr. DenisonNice video by Dr. Daniel Denison, “The Impact of Culture”.

The impact of organizational culture on ERP organizational change is significant.  Among many other organizational change influences, organizational culture impacts an organization’s readiness, organizational sharing and learning, and risk management/acceptance/mitigation.

Denison (1984) states that the primary and fundamental identity of an organization is based on its organizational culture: it’s set of values, beliefs, and behavior patterns. Organizational culture and organization-related influences are necessary to understand because, as described by Denison and colleagues (2003), organizational culture characteristics, which can be measured and monitored, may have a predictable impact on the effectiveness of organizational change.

Often, organizational culture is a quite undervalued influence in ERP organizational change. In fact, it is often not a topic of discussion or build into ERP organization change project plans.

Unless Denison and colleagues, and countless other sound, objective, and vendor-neutral research is wrong, your ERP organizational change project would greatly benefit to include tactical and practical actions in which to measure, support, and endorse a healthy culture that advocates for sustainable organizational change and performance.

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