The ERP Organizational Change Journal

Episode 1: The ERP Organizational Change Journal Introduction

In this Episode, You’ll meet your Host Dr. Jack G. Nestell and co-host Jonathan Donald as they introduce our new Podcast. Our podcast Is dedicated to organizational stakeholders, practitioners, and researchers. It’s a discussion on any and all things ERP and organizational change. Our podcast is intended to be a platform for those seeking to share, learn, and reflect on ERP organizational change success. Secondly, it’s intended to share experiences and contribute to the field of ERP organizational change by bridging research with practice.

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Episode 20: Winning the ERP Game

Episode 20: Winning the ERP Game

Episode 20 Winning the ERP GameIn this episode we discuss “Winning the ERP Game: A Coaching Guide to Packaged Application Business Success ” with Mr. David Stefanick.  We discuss some key influences, or success factors, in ERP organizational change success. Mr....

Episode 19: Training Evaluation

Episode 19: Training Evaluation

Episode 19 Training EvaluationIn this episode, we will discuss “Training Evaluation” with Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick. The Kirkpatrick Model has evolved over multiple decades through application by learning and development professionals around the world. Let’s learn more...

Episode 15: Effective Organizational Change

Episode 15: Effective Organizational Change

Episode 15 Effective Organizational ChangeIn this episode, we will discuss “Effective Organizational Change” with Dr. Eric Canny.  We will examine topics such as; applied research, observable and unobservable manifestations of organizational culture, how to advocate...

We seek to

  • Promote, connect, and foster relationships in the #ERPorganizationalchange community
  • Contribute to the field of #ERPorganizationalchange
  • Bring research and practice closer together.


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