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Episode 1: The ERP Organizational Change Journal Introduction

In this Episode, You’ll meet your Host Dr. Jack G. Nestell and co-host Jonathan Donald as they introduce our new Podcast. Our podcast Is dedicated to organizational stakeholders, practitioners, and researchers. It’s a discussion on any and all things ERP and organizational change. Our podcast is intended to be a platform for those seeking to share, learn, and reflect on ERP organizational change success. Secondly, it’s intended to share experiences and contribute to the field of ERP organizational change by bridging research with practice.

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Episode 27: ERP: What is Microsoft Dynamics 365

Episode 27: ERP: What is Microsoft Dynamics 365

Episode 27 ERP: What is Microsoft Dynamics 365This episode will discuss “ERP: What is Microsoft Dynamics 365” with our Guest Mr. Christiano Gherardini. We discuss an ERP vendor partner’s (i.e. Microsoft Dynamics) perspective of ERP organizational change in...

Episode 22: Effective Principle Based Learning

Episode 22: Effective Principle Based Learning

Episode 22 Effective Principle Based LearningIn this episode with Alexander Salas, we will explore the processes, principles, and challenges of effective learning and development.Stream this Episode Here and Subscribe on all Major Platforms[podcast_subscribe...

Episode 20: Winning the ERP Game

Episode 20: Winning the ERP Game

Episode 20 Winning the ERP GameIn this episode we discuss “Winning the ERP Game: A Coaching Guide to Packaged Application Business Success ” with Mr. David Stefanick.  We discuss some key influences, or success factors, in ERP organizational change success. Mr....

Episode 19: Training Evaluation

Episode 19: Training Evaluation

Episode 19 Training EvaluationIn this episode, we will discuss “Training Evaluation” with Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick. The Kirkpatrick Model has evolved over multiple decades through application by learning and development professionals around the world. Let’s learn more...

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We are excited to have friends and colleagues join us for “The ERP Organizational Change Journal” podcast. We have an incredible lineup of ERP and organizational change speakers, authors, professors, researchers and pioneers in the field, practitioners, PE partners, business executives, ERP vendors, and organizational stakeholders.

Doug Sundheim: Episode 41 “Taking Smart Risks: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes Are High

In this episode, we discuss our guest’s book, “Taking Smart Risks: How Sharp Leaders Win When Stakes Are High“with  Mr. Doug Sundheim.  We examine insights from Doug’s book including taking smart risks, rewarding for failure, general tactics and practice to encourage smart risk-taking and pointers on how to act fast and learn fast. 

Doug is President of The Sundheim Group which Advises and coaches CEOs, senior leaders, and teams. Doug is also Author of Taking Smart Risks, and a Harvard Business Review & Forbes contributor. A frequent speaker on a variety of business topics including leadership, organizational culture, & strategy, he has delivered talks at Columbia University, New York University, The Society for Human Resources, and The World Research Group conference. In 2005, Doug co-authored The 25 Best Time Management Tools and Techniques, which has been translated into 5 languages and continues to be a bestseller. His latest book, Taking Smart Risks, was published by McGraw-Hill in January 2013.

Sunny Han: Episode 42 “ERP: What is Fulcrum

In this episode, we discuss “ERP: What is Fulcrum“ with Sunny Han.  Fulcrum is a Manufacturing SaaS ERP solution.  This episode will further examine Fulcrum ERP and its competitive differentiators.

Mr. Sunny Han is founder of Fulcrum ERP. Fulcrum is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP, MRP, and MES platform allowing small and mid-sized manufacturers to improve efficiency through workflow optimization and automated data collection and advanced heuristics.

Robert “Jake” Jacobs Episode 43: “Leveraging Organizational Change“

In this episode, we discuss “Leveraging Organizational Change“ with Robert W. (or “Jake”) Jacobs.  This episode will further examine how change is beneficial to organizational performance, stakeholder ownership and participation, and the major influences on realizing effective and efficient change. 

Mr. Jacobs is best selling author of three books, including the book we are discussing today titled “Leverage Change: 8 Ways To Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results”.  Jake’s other books include “REAL TIME STRATEGIC CHANGE: HOW TO INVOLVE AN ENTIRE ORGANIZATION IN FAST AND FAR-REACHING CHANGE”, “COLLABORATING FOR CHANGE: REAL-TIME STRATEGIC CHANGE” with co-author  Frank McKeown, and “YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE: HOW TO INVOLVE OTHERS TO GET THINGS DONE” with co-authors Richard H. Axelrod, Emily M. Axelrod, Julie Beedon, “THE CHANGE HANDBOOK: THE DEFINITIVE RESOURCE ON TODAY’S BEST METHODS FOR ENGAGING WHOLE SYSTEMS” (edited by Steve Cady, Peggy Holman, and Tom Devane) with Robert W. Jacobs and 30 other contributing authors

Jake is the CEO and founder of Jake Jacobs Consulting, a global consulting firm specializing in helping organizations create fast and lasting results.

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