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Nestell & Associates would like to welcome our friend and colleague to our team, Dr. Justin Goldston.

We are excited for the expertise, passion, and dedication to our trade that Dr. Goldston will bring to our team. As an experienced ERP organizational change practitioner as well as researcher, Dr. Goldston will bring further client value to our #ResearchBasedERPpractice approach to our trade.  We value an ERP organizational change approach founded not only in our own anecdotal experience as practitioners but also through evaluated learning as well as through ERP organizational change research. Dr. Goldston’s dedication will be invaluable in the pursuit of that mission.

We love to collaborate, share, and discuss our trade, ERP organizational change, so reach out to Dr. Goldston anytime. You will find that Dr. Goldston’s unique research and practitioner perspective and dedication to our trade is fun and contagious. The practice of ERP organizational change is not a competition.

“It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning.” –Claude Bernard

Dr. Goldston will be one of our “Senior Managing Directors”  as well as  “ERP Organizational Change Consultant and Researcher”. Please learn more about Justin here:

Thank you,

The Nestell & Associates Team

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