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recommended erpOne of our missions at N&A is to study, share, collaborate, and discuss any/all things ERP organizational change related. We like to share knowledge and promote work from our friends, mentors, and colleagues in practice and/or research.  A nice article by Mr. Daryl R. Conner and Dr. Ed Boswell of Conner Partners is called “Dimensions of Change Execution”. The full article can be found at

Mr. Conner and Dr. Boswell describe the seven key dimensions of change execution that every senior leader must address as: Intent, Synergy, Sponsorship, Resolve, Capacity, Culture, and Infrastructure.

We recommend taking a few minutes to read this article as it offers some great information and insight founded in scientific principle and research. With permission from the authors, in future blogs we are also going to discuss and breakdown their dimensions of change that every senior leader must address. In fact, we are also excited that Mr. Conner will be joining us for an upcoming podcast session later this Fall. We will discuss not only these research and principle centered dimensions but also tactical actions taken in order to train, measure, promote, and realize success of each of these dimensions. The general review and theme of ERP and organizational change practice, literature, and research suggests that understanding and awareness of tactical approaches founded in principle is fundamental to ERP organizational change success.

Mr. Daryl R. Conner, Chairman of Conner Partners®, an Atlanta-based consulting firm that specializes in strategy execution. He is an internationally recognized leader in organizational change and serves as an advisor and mentor to senior executives around the globe. Mr. Conner’s work is built on a strong foundation of research, extensive consulting experience, and a master’s degree in psychology. He has authored two books—Managing at the Speed of Change (Random House, 1993) and Leading at the Edge of Chaos (John Wiley & Sons, 1998)—and more than 250 other publications including journal and magazine articles, monographs, book chapters, and videos.

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